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PR card lost in mail

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Dark Vader, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. What number did you call? My son’s pr card has not yet arrived but our pr cards arrived last fri (me, spouse and daughter).

    If I request a new one, do I have to pay even if it was originally lost in transit? :(
  2. Did you ever find the phone number to call to?
  3. Hi @Tamie_British,

    My brother is in the same situation as yours. His card was returned back from canada post.

    We requested them to send the card againg on October 23rd.
    How long did it took them to resend your card again?

    Thank you very much
  4. Oh. I also asked them to resend the card on 23rd. I gave them a call again last week, and they said they were still processing solemn declarations from 26th September. So they will possibly reach solemn declarations in 1 more month (November end) and then they will process and send it again.

    So possibly this will come by December end or it next year (if canada post doesnt loose this again)
  5. What do you mean by solemn declaration? I believe it is applicable if the card is lost.

    Because in my brother’s case the card was just returned back from canada post and they have it on their offices. Its just a matter of mailing it again.

    Was your card lost?
  6. Yep my card was lost
  7. Hi Tamie_British, I found your older post and have a question as our situation is somewhat similar.

    In your case, did CIC just remailed the card to you eventually? Or did you have to fill out any new forms or applications?

    The reason I am asking is that my dad's PR card was mailed according to the online status but it has not arrived and when I checked the profile it turns out they forgot to enter unit # (townhouse complex) - it was on the application (i double checked my copy) but I guess they missed it somehow).
    So I am thinking (or hoping) that it will likely be returned back by canada post to the CIC eventually (like in your case). Wondering what will come next and how long it will take...
  8. Hi @Anik

    My brother went thru the same situation. Card was delivered back to CIC.

    All you have to do is is call CIC and confirm if the card was returned back and is currently with them.
    If they have the card, all you have to do is correct the address and they will re-mail the card. No need to fill out the solemn declaration.
    The bad news is that the timeline is exactly the same as processing a new card :( (currently 51 days)

    In case that CIC does not have the card, it has to be declared lost and you will need to fill out the solemn delaration.

    Anyhow, call CIC to get to know what happened with the card.

    Good luck!!
  9. Hello,

    I had similar issue when i was applying for my Travel documents they asked me to send my originals PR, and my records of landing (Passports), and when they send them back it got lost in canada post now i’m trying to apply for the PR as lost but they have returned my application twice because they need my passport to proof who i am but the passport was lost as well so i need help to think of what else i can do to get my PR back.

  10. Hey, I am in the same situation. Did you get your dad's card yet? Did you have to fill solemn declaration?
  11. Same situation here, the weird thing is the delivery address is nothing wrong, and my mail so far never being returned or undeliverable, just the PR Card.
    CIC told me the card was mailed this Monday again to the same address, I really hope it won't be any issue this time. It's a hard time to wait this card.
  12. That must be a mistake by canada post then. They probably returned it instead of getting it to you.

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