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PR Card application sent to local office for further processing

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by stalian65, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. I got PR under PV2 mbo program in oct. 2012, but to and fro Canada and India and not completed RO. I entered Canada two days before expiring my PR card and applied for PR card renewal with appropriate reasons to left Canada. My family members and spouse spent here in Canada to comply RO and applied for Citizenship. I again left Canada on March 7 2018 with expired PR card. On june I asked IRCC for update my PR card status and they replied that your file has reffered to local office for further processing and suggested me either enter in Canada through US Boarder or apply PRTD. I applied PRTD from India and visa office issed me a letter of detremination to Notice to Appeal to IAD. Pl. suggest, what is the right way to proceed.
  2. You are likely about to lose your PR status. You should get your spouse to sponsor you again. You’ll have to renounce your PR status before you can get sponsored again.
  3. Respected Canuck,
    Thanx for reply. It reveals not appropriate to file Notice of Appeal. In case of filling Notice of Appeal may effect sponsorship.

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