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PR card application process


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Jan 15, 2018
AOR Received.
Hello, I am a landed Canada PR. At the time of landing I had no permanent address, but have now taken up a place on rent. It is proving to be a headache just to inform them my address.

First of all my situation is a bit unusual. I have a given name on passport but no surname. That complicates matters, but as if that isn't enough. It is further complicated by fact that on COPR papers and Canada visa they automatically put my name in surname column and left surname as blank. This is normal in cases with no surnames. But this is complicating things further.

First I tried to update my address on the website. It does not recognise my application. It is probably due to fact of my name and surname complication. I did all sort of combinations but doesn't work.

Alright they gave a helpline, wonderful! But my dear Canada is not known as the best liberal, paper pushing paradise north of South Pole for no reason( all my friends so far are these lovely placard upholding big business busting activists) The helpline number is given on the form for Permanent residence cards, but it has all options but no option for address update for first time. It has options for pre PR visa change of address and address change for renewal of PR card. But not for address first time!

At the start of the call they announce very helpfully that due to high volume of calls it may take a while to get a person online. But going through number many times, it is apparent there is nothing like an option to talk to a Live person. It is all automated and quiet useless.

So the only option remaining is to fax them the form. Here I do not know what to do. Should I put my name as passport or COPR document( in passport surname is blank and in COPR name is blank)

I had to explain the long story to better understand I have no other options.
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