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PR card 2020 - Saskatoon

asma akhter

May 29, 2017
Sep 18 - COPR
Sep 22 - Photo received
Waiting for approval.
I know that it has been only 6 weeks but it is hard to wait when you see your friends received their pr cards within 4 weeks from other offices. Also I am leaving Canada in 2 weeks!
So are you leaving? Where r u going? I am in same situation. Then what is your plan if u have to leave without PR card??


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Aug 5, 2019
Only 2 people have got an update, and then it’s quiet. If they’re going to work like this, they will take 4-6 months more to process the Pr card applications o_O.


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Sep 27, 2020
So, I called them, but they don't answer. Then I wrote them a letter and in response they sent me a copy-paste. Then I visited them personally and an officer came to me who said that they work from home, and they make cards for 4,5 months. He also gave me a number to call the agent directly, when I did it on the line, the robot told me that if your time exceeds 128 days, the card will be sent automatically. What to agree with the words of the officer, they just do not do them and the cards come automatically. The agent told me that you can move and change jobs. Also, if I fly home, I need a special visa.


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Mar 12, 2020
I have been waiting for 151 days now. Still nothing and most of the guys on this thread have been waiting for atleast 4 months. My thing is that if I really need to go to my home country - i will just request for PRTD. Honestly its frustrating seeing those guys who got their cards in less than a month but it is what it is.


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Apr 22, 2020
PR card delivered yesterday finally...My case was processed by Saskatoon office.
COPR May 26th
Photo delivered June 6th
GU Nov 4th
Approved Nov 5th
PR card delivery Nov 10th