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PR Application Refused. What must I do now?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Edas, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. My PR application was refused after 5 months of waiting. I am so distraught. The refusal letter stated that I do not have sufficient funds. However, this is not the case. I sent in all my bank statements and the one with the most money is a joint account with family members. I feel like that one caused the problem. The money is mine but I just wonder if the other names are the problem. I'm not the primary holder of the account. I have requested to see the notes on my file but do you think that my case is worth applying for reconsideration by just sending certified letters from a lawyer explaining that the money is mine or should I reapply all over again?
  2. Yes, the fact that it is a joint account is why you were refused. If other people are on the account, maybe the money is theirs. IRCC has accepted joint accounts with affidavits from the other account holders stating that the money is the applicant's but they don't have to accept that. You need to prove that the money is yours and the easiest way to do that is to have the money in your own accounts.
  3. Hi, sorry I don't mean to hijack OP's forum,but I had a similar doubt .d.you think presenting proof of funds from a joint account with your wife, who is also your dependent in the application, is likely to cause a probability of rejection.

  4. If I do a transfer of the money to my account now, will that work and I create a profile again?
  5. Absolutely and rightfully so your application was denied. You have flouted all the rules for the proof of funds section.

    Did you even read the requirements ?

    The one redeeming thing would have been is at least if you were the primary account holder. What will a lawyer do ?

    Talk to an immigration attorney or an agent who has seen this sort of scenario before.

  6. Your tone is very insensitive. In my case, I was not guided properly. I was told that a joint account can work. These things happen to genuine people. I guess you may not be human so you dont make mistakes.
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  7. It specifically states on the website that joint accounts with an accompanying spouse are fine.
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  8. No. You need to show the account history, so it will still look like money that came from other people.
  9. Go with what @canuck_in_uk has said.
    Straightaway go to notary and make an affidavit and take signatures of all the family members and state that the money is yours .

    If you have additional proof like pay slips,attach them too .You might be depositing the amount from your salary account i hope .
    If yes ,attach the transaction history of salary account too.

    prepare an LOE , explain the situation and apologise for the mistake and request them to consider.

    Its possible ,they reassess the application.
    Just do it in 1-2 days .

    Raise webform and attach all the scanned files together in an organised way and send .

    Good luck.
    God Bless you !
  10. Sometimes they don’t acknowledge the documents reciept. So send it twice with a gap of 3 days.

    Also call Ircc and explain the situation to an agent ,she/he will additionally make a request to officer for reconsideration.

    If everything I said above doesn’t work ,seek lawyer or licensed consultant assistance.

    Always assure that the documents you submit are inline with the requirements mention the below checklist
  11. If the money is in a joint account with your spouse and your spouse is listed as accompanying in your PR application, then it is worth requesting reconsideration.

    If the money is in a joint account with family members other than your spouse, then you were correctly refused and your POF doesn't meet requirements. You will need to reapply from scratch after you fix the POF issue. The money cannot be held in a joint account with family members other than your spouse.
  12. Hi, just to be clear, you are suggesting above measures to me or Edas?
  13. Sorry ,Yes its for you .

    I didnt check and mixed up .
    Read it again .You file is still in process.
    The above procesure is valid for you too.

    Get an affidavit from wife to authorise you for funds .Prepare an LOE and submit it along with the affidavit via webform.
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  14. Thank you for suggestions! I showed fixed deposits as proof of funds with my name as accountholder, however, the bank certificate mentions me maintaining joint account with my wife. Do you think I still need to take all the steps indicated by you? I am asking because IRCC mentions this on their website as POF requirements with spouse.

    "If your spouse is coming with you, you can count money you have together in a joint account. You may be able to count money in an account under their name only, but you must prove you have access to the money."
  15. You don't need an affidavit from your wife or to do anything extra.
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