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PR application being processed in Vancouver Local Visa Office.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by karki, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. I called IRCC and was told that my application hasn't been picked up yet, still waiting to be reviewed by a senior visa officer...
  2. Hello everyone , this is my time line :

    Application Received: April 26 2018
    AOR: July 5 2018
    IP2: April 16 2019

    Since that point haven’t hear anything else, called last week and the call centre told me, the file was transferred to Vancouver Local Office, no reason in the notes, they say could be because of workload redistribution . Don’t know what to think , will appreciate if you can give me your insights.

    Thank you.
  3. when did they transfer your file? Is your file under review/review required? if yes, do you know which part is under review?
    My file got transferred to vancouver in May, now my eligibility (work-ex) is under review.
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  4. I don’t know when it was transferred , I don’t have the exact reason call centre told me there are no notes of why it was transferred , agent said maybe was workload redistribution but when I read this similar situation to other people looks like 90 % of the times, there is extra verification involved, that’s my main concern, have faith all will be good but any way stress and anxiety comes.
  5. Hello
    Has anyone got the ppr this week!
  6. Any news from the Vancouver visa office
  7. Here is my timeline:
    CEC-Inland, one applicant.
    iTA: March 20
    AoR: April 2
    MED pass: May 16
    GCMS request: Sep 19
    GCMS receive: Oct 21
    Security: Not started
    Criminality: In progress but recommended pass
    Eligibility: Review required.

    Since I called to IRCC in June and got my GCMS notes in Oct, the VO is still Vancouver. I guess Vancouver VO is very busy, so its processing time of PR applications is taking longer than other offices.
  8. Why busy?
  9. I have no idea. Maybe it's very busy, maybe its agents are working so slowly. lol
  10. Oh i thought you have got to know something
  11. Hello, have you got any updates yet? My case is also in Vancouver with "review required". Ordered notes a month ago but haven't got them yet.
  12. AOR - May 2 2019 FSW-Inland
    Application Moved from Montreal to Vancouver.
    Ordered GCMS notes on Oct1 and got to see that my Eligibility is recommended Pass and Criminality is in progress and security hasnt started.

    This is the status.
  13. VO Vancouver
    AOR 23 March
    Still waiting
  14. What is your status? What are you waiting for (Eligibility or Security or all?)
  15. My current status is IP2 since Sept 26
    My criminality is passed
    Eligibility & Security are in process
    What about you?

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