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PR after Landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ferysonu, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. It can take a few days for the card to make it out of the building, and then a week or two to get to you. Shouldn't take all six weeks.
  2. Card delivery has been relatively faster these days. So, expect it in a few days. most people in Toronto region have received cards in 2/3 days. I'm not sure about Calgary but shouldn't be 6 weeks.
  3. Hi,

    I have received PR cards for my spouse and 2 daughters, but not mine, is anyone similar to my case? please advice i am worried.
  4. You might need to call CIC after 6 weeks to find out the reason.

  5. Thanks, i have received my PR card at my Lawyers address and unfortunately they check mail once or twice a week. Better late than never and feeling so relaxed now.
  6. It took 1 month in your case. Alright. I landed May 7th. I may get mine in a month or so. Thanks
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  7. I landed on 6th May and IRCC received my pr card request on 7th May.
    I hopefully get a pr card in a month.
  8. Processing time is about 2 weeks these days so it is likely.
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  9. Hi, can you advise when you received your PR Card finally? Thanks
  10. Hi All,

    We landed Oct 16th under family sponsorship, linked the PR cards application online and it reads mailed to you but nothing in the mailbox yet. It's been more than 2 weeks and our PR cards are not in yet. Should I be worried?

    We gave our address but I dont know if the cards will be mailed to my address or lawyers...

    How do I check the address ?
  11. It has been more than 2 weeks since the application said that it was mailed?
  12. No ...since I landed.
    Mailing is Oct 28th and I know Canada post takes like 3 to 4 days to deliver.

    Also how do I check for the address they might mail it to because we applied via our lawyer's office but our address on the form and all
  13. They should send it to the address you specified at landing - unless your lawyer filled out forms with you at your landing?

    If it was "mailed" October 28th it may not have actually been put into the mailbox until the 29th and maybe not processed until the 30th. And 3-4 days in the same city, sure - but across Canada maybe a week.

    Deep breath.
  14. Ok. I am in mississauga...hopefully before 5th of November? Our lawyer wasnt present when we landed. But he was the one that was receiving the emails and i think i sighted his address in one of application forms
  15. You would have applied for the PR card at your landing interview or at the airport. If you put your lawyer's address on the form that the CBSA agent gave you, you may be the only person who can answer where it's going :p
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