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PR after Landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ferysonu, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Anyone one know how long does it take to get PR cards after landing, we have landed on 4-Apr-2019, as i need to travel for business trip soon.
  2. There are posted processing times in the IRCC website, however, you might not get it due to a number of reasons.
  3. Average 6-8 weeks so if need to travel soon only option is to get a PRTD when you arrive at your destination outside Canada, although there is no published process time for that or travel back via the US land border with your COPR.

  4. PRTD process in 60 days in Kuwait, as it would be processed in Abu Dhabi, and i get only 30 days visa for Kuwait, that is the issue.

    You mean we can enter via US border with COPR? It say not valid for travel on COPR.
  5. You can't TRAVEL on it but you can ENTER with it. You will need a USA visa, unless you are visa-exempt.
  6. Thanks for the info, i have US visa and i need to travel Kuwait for 30 days, i can take flights via US, but i dont know how can i rent a car from US and return in Canada
  7. Fly to the nearest US airport for where you want to cross and catch the bus or take a taxi to the border. Get picked up on the other side...
  8. Hi,
    Is the PR Card number the same UCI number on the Confirmation of PR?
    I'm asking because let's say we can get some job before receiving PR Card, what kind of ID number can I give to the employer?
    Thank you.
  9. You give your SIN number. You get a SIN with your CoPR and passport, the same day (or the day after) you land.
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  10. I'm in the same position. Landed on 03/04/2019 and need to be in the UK for 1 week at end April. PRTD will take to long for a trip of only 1 week. And I don't have a US visa. Any other solutions?
  11. Hey, does anyone know how long does Canada Post takes to deliver PR Card, as mine when i checked on CIC website it says "PR card Approved and mailed to your mailbox on 23rd Apr, 2019, it will take six week to reach you" i just dont understand why six weeks. Any experienced here?
  12. It may be faster than six weeks. But I'm not sure if IRCC actually means "the card was put in an envelope and put in the mail" when they make that update to your account, it may mean "we have started the process of making your card."
  13. Six weeks is to cover the occasional Canada Post strike...

    It usually takes a few days depending on where in Canada you are. My card was delivered in two days in Toronto.
  14. "A final decision has been made. Please see the final decision below."

    "Final decision : Your application was approved. Check your messages below for details."

    "We mailed your permanent resident card to you. Your card can take up to six weeks to arrive."
  15. Thanks and i reside in Calgary, Alberta.

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