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PPR to COPR timeline

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Harry000, May 18, 2019.

  1. Hello guys

    Anyone get his passport back, if so congratulation can u tell us what’s the next step to make
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  2. Mine is dispatched but still on the way
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  3. When did u send it to CIC
  4. 24 jun i sent my passport
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  5. I got a call my passport is ready im going to pick it up
  6. I just got my passport back stamped hopefully everyone gets it
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  7. Congratulations buddy
    How many it take to send it back to you
  8. Mine took around 14 days from the moment i submitted it
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  9. Still tracking number not activated. They told me you will get soon. My company applied b1 to USA and wants to sen
  10. Still waiting for tracking number activation. Still my application is in progress
  11. hi is there anyone here knows how long will the passport came back from cic ottawa..i sent my passprt on july 4 2019,, my cic account says my Pr was approved already. hoping for your answers thanks you
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  12. Same then you buddy just get my approval today and waiting to activate my track number, hope we will get our passport by Monday or Tuesday
  13. Thats what i am thinking.. hope this monday we will have it.. are you inland as well... my return tracker is not active yet
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  14. Yea buddy I’m inland and u

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