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PPR to COPR timeline



Nov 29, 2019
I received email and credentials for PR confirmation portal on 30 Sept 2021 from IRCC then uploaded mine and my family recent pic with the PR card mailing address. But have not heard back anything after that.
Me and my family is in Canada.

ECOPR is not being uploaded. Please help me how much time it takes to get uploaded ECOPR in PR Confirmation Portal?
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Garth 117

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Nov 18, 2019
Could anyone help with the current timeline for PPR to COPR process? My details are as below:

Ready for Visa mail - May 9, 2019
Submitted passport with VFS Chennai - May 10, 2019

Current status:

Visa application, tracking ID No.******************** has been received and is under process at the IRCC Office on 2019/05/13

At the time of passport submission, when I checked with VFS officer, they mentioned, you should be receiving the passport in 7-10 days time. When I checked with VFS thru "Chat with us" option yesterday, they provided the below answer:
"....your visa application is under process with the Canadian High Commission, New Delhi. The minimum processing time for a Package Transmission is 10 calendar days from the date your applications received by the Canadian High Commission..."

Could anyone help me with the realistic timeline for PPR to COPR?
congrats. mine took about two weeks.


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Aug 2, 2020
Guys what does it mean by ' ur address is unserviceable and passport can be collected by nearby HAL location'. Does it mean by nearest Blue dart office?


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Jan 30, 2015
Guys what does it mean by ' ur address is unserviceable and passport can be collected by nearby HAL location'. Does it mean by nearest Blue dart office?
That's right. Pls collect your passport from Bluedart office near HAL location.

Have you applied for PR or Study permit or work permit? Could you pls share your timeline from passport submission to visa stamping?


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Jan 30, 2015
Hi Friends,
Can anyone pls share the Timeline from passport submission to visa stamping for PR at the New Delhi office ?


Mar 15, 2021
Please advise.

I just received an email for a Passport request for my Dad from New Delhi Visa office. Now my dad is here in Canada since 2 years. IRCC account also shows the home and mailing address of Canada. I don't know why they sent a passport request.

I informed New Delhi Visa office by web form and request for virtual landing as he is here but don't get any confirmation email or reply. How I can confirm that they received my request??
In that letter, it is mentioned that this passport request is time-sensitive and if the passport is not submitted in 30 days they can refuse the application. As I don't have any proof or confirmation how I can prove that I responded in time??
It is already two weeks passed but didn't receive any communication on this. If someone has experienced the same, then please provide a timeline on this.


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Nov 10, 2017
I got PPR request couple of weeks ago so I sent our passports and photos. But yesterday I got an email saying our photos got rejected and asking to resend.
Once I resend them, If they reject again, will it be a problem? will they return my application??

I took photographs from one store and my spouse and kid took photos from other store which is located in other state. Was that the problem?
I would appreciate if someone respond asap.


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Sep 1, 2020
AOR Received.
Med's Request
Med's Done....
My wife (Primary Applicant) and I (Dependent) received the RFV email on 16th of November, 2021. We immediately sent our passports to the IRCC office in Delhi for visa stamping, my passport came back without a stamp, saying it was damaged and to re-submit a new passport, my wifes was received on 6th Dec 2021, with the visa stamped and COPR. I have since then applied for a new passport and received the same on 17th of Dec, 2021. Submitted to IRCC via the VFS global office, and the passport reached there on 24th of Dec. I have been waiting since then, while I have sent a few emails to the DELHIIMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca and also sent a few wed forms saying that I had re-submitted passport, for stamping with the new passport as an attachments in the email and the web form, there have only been standard / generic messages back. I am very anxious now and not sure if there is something else wrong with the submission. Appreciate if you can let me know what could be the reason for the delay thanks


Apr 16, 2017
my application tracker showing in my CoPR No. and expiry date, but I have not rerceived PPR yet, can any one guide when ppr ?
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