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PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by SMCAN1, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Dear All,

    I am creating this thread to help all those who have received the PPR request in JAN-19 and have sent their passport to CPC / VFS.

    Please share your timelines as it will help others to understand the current timelines.
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    Thanks for launching this thread, I have a question, the PPR mail I received doesn't mention anything about COPR only submitting passport and being physically present at the embassy, what this COPR mean ? is it something beyond the VISA ?

    EDIT : I found about it by reading again the letter, since it is in French it is stated differently confirmation de résidence permanente
  3. This is good.. Timeline in the signature..
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  4. Yes, COPR means confirmation of Permanent Residency, along with Visa you get this document which confirms your PR.
  5. Hi did you get your Passport back ? my PPR email came on the 31st of jan and i have sent the passport to NDVO ( through VFS )
  6. Hi All,

    I sent the Passports and all other documents through USPS on Jan 28, 2019 which was delivered to the Visa Application Center, NY on Jan 30, 2019.

    I have not received any further communication from CVAC or VFS and I am getting worried about the whereabouts of my Passports and documents. I tried contacting VFS contact center and they were not able to help me as they do not have any information on 'Permanent Residency' applications.

    Has anyone else sent the passports to the NY VAC? Please share your timeline. Thanks

  7. Not yet, VFS told me approx. processing time is 10 days.
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  8. I am a CEC inland candidate, I sent my passports on 2nd Feb 19, still waiting to hear back from Ottawa. Anyone else from CEC Inland who has sent the passports to Ottawa? Please share your experiences or timeline.
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  9. CEC inland
    Passport request Jan 31st
    Sent out 31st
    Delivered Feb 4th
  10. Same here except the stream: FSW-Inland.
  11. Great! I am having the same timeline, my passports were delivered on 5th Feb. Let us know as soon as you see a change in status in CIC for your application. As far as I know, as soon as the visa and COPR are issued the status will change on CIC.
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  12. Yes I guess so. My status is showing still looking to see I am eligible.
  13. Hi,

    PNP Inland
    Passport request: 31 Jan 2019
    Sent out: 02 Feb 2019
    Delivered: 04 Feb 2019
  14. CEC inland
    PPR Jan 31,2019
    Passport Sent: Feb 2, 2019
    Passport Delivered: Feb 4,2019

    I don't know if anyone else have same experience. When I checked receiver signature on Xpresspost, it shows Steve with a "sad face". I don't know if it means anything.:(
  15. Hello, Congratulations to everyone for being on the last step of the journey. Indeed a long wait for August AORs ! Serious test of patience.

    ITA --> 25th July 2018
    AOR --> 20th Aug 2018
    Med Passed --> 9th Sep 2018
    IP2 --> 11th Nov 2018
    PPR --> 25th Jan 2019
    Sent for VFS --> 29th Jan 2019

    Hope it helps someone. Good luck for the Canadian life. I suggest we all should stay in touch especially people from Aug AORs.
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