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PPR is pending

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by snehashy, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Hello! I have just crossed my deadline of August 19th to receive PPR. The status on the account is " Your application is taking us longer than usual to process." I'm really worried about this delay, is this normal? BGC is in progress and the eligibility is being reviewed.
  2. What do you mean by you cross deadline? The usual time that IRCC gives is just an estimate based on the previous average timings. There are many people on this forum, who have been waiting for 12-14 months. So, please continue with what you are doing and your PPR comes at the right time if everything goes well. Good luck!
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  3. Oh thanks for clarifying that for me, didn’t know that :) thanks again!

  4. Did you receive any updates?
  5. Hello! Yes we received the request for Visa ! Currently passports have been sent for stamping .
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  6. Oh, tats nice! Congrats :) May I know the timelines?
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  7. Received the stamped passports. Took 14 days.
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  8. Hi
    We have applied for PNP program. Our medicals was in March 2019. Our background checks was in May 2019 and we got information by June 2019 that decision is made. 100 days plus we are waiting now it is October 11th we still haven't received passport request. We got an information that 2000 PNP applications are provided in an year for saskatchwan and it is over for 2019. And our employer has requested the ministry to consider us this year itself. Is there any possibility that we can get the request this year in such a scenario? Or is the delay because of elections? Election are in 22nd October and can we expect our passport request after that? Please reply.

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