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Post Secondary Education for Refugee Claimant - International Fees

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by ashcan, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. College or University fees for Refugee Claimant's children as an international student is very high, is there any other options / alternatives?
  2. You may apply for Financial aid from college/uni
  3. The fees for university is huge about 25000$ per year and chances for financial aid is very limited with very minimal amount....
  4. No way to avoid those fees. Even if your refugee claim is accepted you will have to wait until you get your permanent residency.
  5. Can't agree with u.u can apply for govt student loan just after u received the notice of decision.you don't have to wait for PR
  6. Interesting. But does that mean that you get charged domestic tuition fees?
  7. You are right and I stand corrected.

    Looking at my university webpage -UBC- :

    Domestic student
    You will be assessed domestic tuition and fees if you meet any of the following criteria:

    • You are a Canadian citizen
    • You are a permanent resident of Canada5
    • You have refugee status in Canada
    • Your parent or guardian is a diplomat assigned to Canada
  8. Not unreasonable to ask that people have their refugee claim accepted before they qualify for domestic fees. Otherwise the system could be easily abused. Unfortunately due to the current volume of applications it will take a while to get to that point but in previous years students would only have to delay their studies for a semester or two.
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  9. For legacy cases it takes more than 5 years to know the results, for new cases it can take many years, there should be a solution for many children
    's future, if they can get free education until secondary, why not pay equal to local for post secondary, they have been living here for long and paying taxes...
  10. Had forgotten about the legacy cases. Yes that is unfortunate. It's a tough situation that unfortunately penalizes future accepted refugee claimants because many other cases will not be accepted but they would be able to take advantage of domestic tuition fees.
  11. I feel sad, for purpose of education, if we talk about taking advantage of domestic tuition fees....
  12. Given that there are so many international students that pay very high fees there will then be an issue if others get to pay domestic fees if they were applying for refugee status but then get refused. Think that is why only having successful refugee/asylum seekers pay domestic fees is the best solution.
  13. Yes protected person are considered as local student
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  14. Please what are the steps to a refugee claimant applying as an international student and getting a study permit? And what if you told them at the point of entry you do not know anyone in canada and you got to meet one of your family when you got inside canada and they want to sponsor your education. Is this possible and is there any implication to that.
  15. You apply like every other international student.

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