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Post ITA changes

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ianduff, May 31, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm currently reviewing my Express Entry profile after ITA and right now I'm doing a lot of changes. The changes are the following:
    • Removed 2 companies in my work history because I'm having a hard time getting a certificate of employment. I still have 5+ years of work experience under the same NOC with my remaining companies.
    • Changed my primary NOC (it still has the same NOC Type, Type A)
    • Removed all of my spouse's work history since we're not claiming points for that
    All our companies (including the ones we removed from work history) are captured in the Personal history section though. Would these changes (from pre-ITA) require a letter of explanation? Take note that I have not yet submitted the profile and I have not yet seen my personal checklist.
  2. Post changes, if the CRS does not go lesser than your ITA draw, everything will be fine.
  3. 1. Fine
    2. Don't know
    3. Fine

    Just explain in loe that you removed some work experience and you are not claiming any points for that work experience and it is mentioned in the personal history.
  4. No Worries.

    Once you are ready to file the application, you will have chance to attach a Letter of explanation. What you have written in your post is exactly what you want to put in the letter: nothing more nothing less.
    1. I have removed work history as I am having hard time getting letters. This however does not affect my ITA draw scores.
    2. I have realized that my Job responsibilities are more of a match to the newly chosen NOC, hence I have changed.
    3. I am removing work history of my spouse, as I am not claiming points for it, and it is difficult to secure experience letters for her.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks Farazafzal, this is really a relief! One more thing, would the EE automatically recalculate my score after I submit my application?
  6. Well it does, but there is a catch !

    You should not make changes that would affect your EE score once you are done with your submission. If the score changes positively, you are good. The negative change is not welcomed. So make sure changes are not affecting your scores. The changes you have mentioned shall not affect anything.

    Once you are ready to file the application, do read all the threads in my signature to confirm if you are not missing anything and how to upload the experience letters.

    Good luck
  7. Just to add with @farazafzal when you change your Primary NOC, before submitting/saving the change you must change NOC of your work experience as well which one you are going to show as primary NOC experience. Otherwise your profile may become ineligible and you may lose this ITA.

    Good Luck!
  8. Hello Experts, need help please.
    I got NSPNP nomination under intended occupation 1111 - accountant, while my work history is given in PNP application designation wise (Accountant 3.5 years and Accounts assistant 1.5 years)

    I realized that in EE profile, NOC for accounts assistant is wrongly selected 1111 (Skill level A), while correct is 1431 (Skill level C).

    Now I have received ITA. How to sort this issue? would I correct NOC in EE profile post ITA to match it with PNP or please advise the appropriate alternate?
  9. If I don't want to claim points for spouse work then what should I give in work history?
    1. Should I give Unemployed?
    It is not possible for my spouse to collect the documents.
    2. Do I also have to give noc for my spouse if I give work information of my spouse?
  10. If you are not claiming points leave the work history section blank. You will give info about your spouse work in personal history section.

    You wont be required to provide documentation this way.
  11. I cannot give blank. Either yes or no.
  12. Mention NO.
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  13. Hello..
    Can i remove some of my companies from my EE profile post ITA..will it b harmfull at later stage??kindly advice.

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