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Discussion in 'International Students' started by dakshpreet, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. HI guys,

    I started my studies in Jan 2018 and I failed in one subject in my second semester due to this i become a part time student after my third semester as i need to complete my all subjects to get a CO-OP which was before fourth semester and now I already studied two semesters part time from jan 2019 to Aug 2019. Now the college told me that they do not have a CO-OP in this semester so I need to be part time again because I can not take fourth semester courses before completing the CO-OP. So my question is this do I get any problems in my PGWP?

    Need Advise
  2. Technically you don't qualify for PGWP as you are only allowed to be part time in last semester.

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