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Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by SMRITI JAISWAL, Nov 24, 2019.

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    I am originllay from India,
    I am currently living in nyc and pursuing my master degree in urban architecture based on my F1 sttus, my master will be over next month, I am already start looking for my job options in usa and as well as canada, I haven't apply in canada yet, but very soon I will do, I am also interesting settle myself in canada as a long term plan, so what are the chances i can get permanent residence, what is the process shall i follow, I have a boyfriend we both been dating over a year now is he eligible to be my Dependent? or we have to be married? then i can apply for him?
    are you able to give us a proper hint, how should I prepare all the paperwork? or show me in what direction i should follow, i really appreciate your any help.
  2. You have to be married or common law to include your boyfriend as a dependent. Common law means you have lived together continuously for at least one full year.

    It's really impossible for any of us to say what your chances are of getting PR. You'll need to research CAnada's immigration programs to determine what it takes to qualify and apply. I would recommend that you start with the Express Entry program. This is a points based program and right now you need to have around 460-470 points to be selected from the pool:


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