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Police clearance: To submit or not to submit, that is the question

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by mcgyver, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Dear All,

    About police clearance, there is one explicit note on the citizenship form (adult) that goes like this:

    "If you were in your country of origin immediately prior to becoming a permanent resident and landing in Canada and this time falls within this four year period, you are NOT required to provide a police certificate. Please indicate this in the explanation box."

    That's clear enough. Then there is an example given:

    "You lived in France for one year (365 days) before you became a permanent resident 3 years ago. You did not travel to France after you became a permanent resident. You would answer “Yes” to the question and you would need to provide a police certificate from France if you did not provide one with your immigration application. If you provided a police certificate from France with your immigration application, tell us this in the box provided at Question 10b."

    My situation is almost identical to the example above, except that France should be replaced with my country of origin and that I traveled to my country of origin for 30 days after I became a PR, within the 4-year period. And, yes, I had provided a police certificate with my immigration application. So, my question is, should I submit one for my citizenship application as well?
  2. I think you only need to submit the police clearance if you stayed in another country for more than 180 days in your eligibility period. But then again it depends on the country. Some countries do not issue police clearance to non residents of their countries. You are a resident of Canada. Not a resident of another country.

    Check cic website and it’ll say if you need one or not, once you choose the country in the option box.
  3. Thanks. Any other opinions/experience from anyone?
  4. Dear all,

    I am a permanent resident of Canada, applying for the Citizenship, I need Police Clearance certificate, currently I have lived in my origin Country for 183 days, before leaving my origin Country I will take the Police Clearance Certificate and then leave for Canada. As an example, after taking PCC, if I stay 2/3 weeks more in my origin Country and then go for Canada, then after 3 years when I want to apply for Citizenship can I use that Police Clearance Certificate with my Citizenship application.


  5. We don't know what the rules will be in 3 years. There's no forecast on this.
    You can always keep that PCC, and see in 3 years if it proves useful.
  6. Thanks, actually I want to take PCC from the country where I am doing job and in the same month I will leave for Canada, as I am taking the PCC while staying in that country, so worried it will work or not after 3 years while applying citizenship application.
  7. Hi Seym,
    if the rules not changed, will that PCC work for me as I am taking the PCC while staying in that country but will leave for Canada at the same month when I get my PCC.

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