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Police clearance Certificate from INDIA

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by shreevastav, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Dear seniors,

    Please kindly suggest me what is the cause of requesting the police clearance certificate from India; whereas till the date me and my spouse does not even visited the India. I have submitted my Nepalese Police clearance certificate with PP What will be the result???
    The statement was as below:
    3.Bank balance
    5. Original recent Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for FOR YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE FROM INDIA
    (RECENT )

    Police Clearance certificates for districts other than Punjab, can be signed by the Senior Superintendent of Police
    (SSP);Superintendent of Police; Commissioner of Police; Deputy Commissioner of Police; Additional
    Commissioner of Police;Station House Officer (SHO); various inspector and constable ranks; sub-divisional
    magistrates; or the Regional Passport Office. Only the Senior superintendent of Police (SSP) or the Regional
    passport Office may sign a PCC for residents of the Punjab. Applicants now residing outside India can obtain a
    PCC issued by the Indian mission responsible for their current area of residence.
    6. Passports as per the following:
    ORIGINAL passport along with any old expired passport for Kindly submit all the passports (old and new) after
    completion of all the pending requirements.
    The picture in the passport for a child under 6 years of age must have been taken within the last 3 years. The ......
  2. Write to ur IO drawing his/her attention to that fact.
    If u've never visited India [in ur life] - u do not need a PCC of that country.
  3. I don't know why they asked your india pcc?

    what is your passport status? I mean in your passport is there any indian airports stamp..or india visa stamp..
  4. My passport status is clear, i never had visited any foreign countries yet. Lets see what happens!!!
  5. Do as Sir Qorax as opted...no need to worry...
  6. Spartan I think shreevastav has wrongly added some info in his background declaration form like in the form they state... Places of visit..

    As I mentioned I visited pokhara for 1 month ... But never mentioned any address outside Nepal... But maybe in his case he mentioned some Indian places with a date of more than 6 months ....

    @ shree

    1) either vo was mistaken or
    2) my reason is a solid probability

  7. Thanks Barack, but i had never visited INdia and did not mentioned of visit there so your first reason is most probabel.

  8. Tyeso bhaye no need to worry.... Write a cover letter explaining your VO it will work...
  9. Thanks a lot MR. qorax Sir for prompt response and making me free of anxiety. +1 from my side to you.

  10. Hello Barack ( Nepalese friend), have you landed at Canada?? Do look the Forum and reply. According to your view i had submitted the PP, Nepalese PCC with Bank Draft on 11 July 2012, but still not any response from NDVO.


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