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Police clearance certificate for express entry


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May 9, 2018
Hey guys i have a question.
My Aor is Aug 6 and my wife is the prime applicant and i am the spouse applicant.

UAE is our country of residence and India is the country of origin.

At the time of submission me and my wife did not get a pcc from india. They had delayed the process, so i had attached a LOE for the same and also attached the receipts.

(Please note that i had explained that although we have never stayed in india for more than 6 months in a *ROW*. We have applied for a pcc from india 2 months back and still waiting for a reply. So please find attached the receipts for the same)

Today we got the PCC

Now questions is, should i upload my PCC by filling a case specific enquiry or should i just wait till they ask for additional documents (if required).