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Police Clearance Certificat (PCC)

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by mbastudies, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. I have a question. When is the right time for getting the Police Clearance Certificat (PCC)? Should I wait until my documents are sent to the local Immigration office and then apply to get the PCC or can I get it even now?
  2. you will have to send the original PCC to the local visa office with the full docs. so get it asap.
  3. query regarding PCC

    Dear All,
    i am from india and need to know what type of PCC is needed for student visa.i reside in a state of india and for study purpose i went to other city of the same state for 2 yrs and now since 9 months i am in my permanent resident.while applying for student visa for canada do i to take PCC from the present place or also from the city where i stayed for 2 yrs for studies? this is little confusing for me. i got the PCC from my residential city, but they mentioned that i wasnt their for 2 yrs.what can be done in this situation? can anybody suggest, will be a great help.
  4. Hi gata,

    PCC is required by country and not at city level.

    Just get PCC from anywhere and submit it.

  5. Re: query regarding PCC

    You don't need PCC for Student Visa to Canada.

    Use this link : There's a checklist for Student Visas. http://www.vfs-canada.co.in/visaapplication.html

    Dear All,
    Thankyou for your instant answer for my last query from COOL.I need to also know as my passport validity is till dec 13,and i might leave next month or so.so what can be done to renew my passport?is it possible from their after landing or i have to process from india itself?


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