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PNP returning to Canada after a gap of 2 years

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by new2canada1, Feb 17, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    We are PNP PRs and are returning after a gap of 2 years to Canada. Do we have to go to our nominated province or can we go to any province.
    So if we land directly at Toronto or some other province that has more job opportunities, can we be asked at the border that why we are not going to our designated province? We are bringing bare minimum home essentials with us. So I don't know how it goes when you already have a PR card and land with goods to follow list.
    Should we go to our nominated province to avoid any issues at the border? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated @Leon .
  2. Once you have done initial landing , you can move to any province. Google: Canada Mobility Rights.
  3. Thanks APPNOV2014NY. I've done the initial landing but this time I am moving with the goods to follow. Don't I need to go to the CBSA agent to get my form stamped? If yes, can they ask for my itinerary and question that why I am not going to my nominated province?
    Thanks again for your advice!!
  4. Do you have PR card?
    How much stuff are you moving?
    By land or by air?
  5. You should probably go to the province that sponsored you to show you attempted to look for employmemt and settle in the province that selected you.
  6. Yes, we have PR cards.
    We are planning to go by air. But we have the option to go through land also. Which one you suggest should we go through?
  7. I tried for employment since last 6 months. There weren't many jobs opportunities. I applied to all the job openings but didn't get any response whatsoever. So, I don't know whether there will be any change if I land in the province and look for jobs from there. Will there be any difference?
    Please correct me if my thinking is wrong.
  8. Applying for jobs outside Canada and while in Canada definitely makes a difference. Employers usually want people in Canada ready to work and who can work. Most will not respond if there is an international address or phone number.
  9. You should be OK. CBSA agents are well aware of PR mobility rights and won't question you on why you are going to X province and not Y. If someone asks then just say that you want to spend few days with a friend in X and then will go to Y.

    I landed in my PNP sponsoring province and then got custom docs stamped in a different province later. CBSA agent did ask me on where I did my landing and why I didn't get my custom docs stamped during first landing and I casually mentioned that my custom docs were not ready at time of landing and I am now going to meet a cousin in this province and thought I will get custom docs stamped at same time. No further Qs were asked.

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