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PNP PR- waiting for Passport request(PPR)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by surya450, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    Didn’t find any thread for the people waiting for passport request after decision made. If any one waiting for passport request(PPR) after decision made in ecas let’s all connect here. It would be a reference for all the applicant to see the time fram for PPR request.

    My time line is as fallows

    Visa office: Delhi,India
    Decision Made: Dec 19 2017
    Passport Request(PPR): _______(waiting)
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  2. hi do you have idea why your application took so long? saw your timeline 20 months
  3. In June 2017 I sent documents to add my wife application. After four months in oct they said they are still waiting for the documents. After sending the courier details they said they have the application. So basically they lost my wife application for 4 months :(
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  4. oh ok. i thought because of security like some nov. 2015 applicants. congrats by the way i hope to get mine soon
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  5. Thank you!
    Yeah hope you get yours soon!
  6. My time line is as fallows

    Visa office: Delhi,India
    Decision Made: Dec 19 2017
    Passport Request(PPR): _______(waiting)
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  7. I m also waiting for passport request,firstly for medical ;). hope it comes soon & good luck for all of u for getting PPR soon :)
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  8. your full timeline plz
  9. File recived in first week of June
    Aor 12august
    File trf to NDVO Last week of sep
  10. Thank you!
  11. Are dates from 2016 or 2017?
  12. 2017 bro
  13. Hi Surya,

    Congrats !! . Hope you will receive passport request soon. I am also applied under AINP to federal. Currently I am in Calgary, I would like to go back to India in March,2018 for family issue and I would complete 12 months of processing time by that time. Now a days CIC is taking 18months to process the PR and wanted spend some time in India with family until I get a PR. Can you please suggest me the process move the file to India ? can you please forward me your contact details to discuss on this ? your early response in this regard would be highly appreciated
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  14. Thank you! Sent you a msg.
  15. Looks like it’s only two of us left for PPR :)

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