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PNP->PR via Express Entry ----- possibility of rejection by CIC?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jack_ie31, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    My question is:
    Is it possible for CIC to reject a nominated PNP applicant via Express Entry? And is this very commonly seen?

    Reason why I am asking is:
    I read an article(not in English) online about recently an international graduate with a 3-year diploma being rejected by CIC after she applied for PR with her BC PNP nomination via EE, the reason CIC gave her was that when nominated by the BCPNP, she didn't meet any one of the CEC, FSW, FST programs in EE, hence CIC rejected her PR for not meeting the requirements of applying via EE.

    Things that I've been thinking about:
    Through some google research, I learned that it is possible that someone with a PNP nomination doesn't pass the CIC-stage scrutiny ---because PNP nomination basically won't do you any favor on the checks occurred during the CIC stage - nor will having it in hands will make the CIC stage processing faster - that means that CIC will re-do the check on everything you have submitted, including those things that had already been scrutinized and verified by a PNP official. What the PNP paper can only offer is an extra 600 points to make you get an ITA earlier than someone without it.

    Things I am worried about and have huge doubts in:
    For some things that were already verified by the PNP, is it possible that the CIC deem it as unacceptable to them? I've read some old threads here - someone saying his work reference letter was first proved by the PNP but when using the same document supplied to the CIC, it finally was rejected because of lack of clarity on the job duties.
    So is it really the case???????????
    Will the CIC contact you for something they don't think is very clear to them or they just simply make a turn-down by what they have and see about you??

    Reason why I am asking this:
    I no longer sense any reasonableness in the trend on the CIC's willingness to let more people in so that easily as it was like a decade ago, understandable, if you keep an eye on what's been happening around the world these days and definitely immigration has become more opinion-based and sensitive - more scrutiny for people from China, no more Muslims or any other similar thing such as marriage cheating. All in all anything that seemed impossible or nearly impossible could be a possibility from now on.

    Thanks for reading and please share what you know and stay on topic please.
  2. Any idea anyone?

  3. How do you know all these things. I think you have read old posts. I am hearing first time. Be confident, wait and watch. Canada government is very fair and honeest.
  4. There always a chance that you will reject by CIC due to various reasons even you get approved on PNP, since CIC will evaluate different aspects on applicants.
    For Express Entry PNP, CIC will evaluate the following factors:
    1. Whether applications qualifies CEC, FSW or FST(that is a must, otherwise you can apply through paper application, paper doesn't require you meet these)
    Most problem coming from this, since CIC has different standard evaluating materials, such as job reference letter. To avoid this, you can use paper application instead of Express Entry, since paper application will not evaluate this part.

    2. If you have evidence that applicants want to live permanently in the province nominates you
    3. Medical, Criminal and Security
    4. Any misrepresentation in the application
    If you have no problems on those factors, you won't have any troubles.
  5. And what about muslim , Chinese factor? I think they are useless
  6. There is always a reason for you to get rejected.. but its complete paranoia on your part to think that a government would just reject you for no reason or some vague reason..

    If you do not have your paper work in order you would get rejected.. in regards to your work reference again if its not clear mentioning how much you were getting paid what you were doing at that point and what was your position in the company along with your duties of course you will get rejected again.. CIC even mentions how your work reference letter should be outlined and they ask you for that letter to just make sure it was on a non paid job or something..

    If you're a criminal ofcourse CIC will question whether it would be safe to allow you to stay in the country..

    Just do your paper work with all due diligence and stay healthy and free of crime.. you will be good to go.

    Moreover this a Pro Immigration Gov as compared to the Harper Regime
  7. Actually PNP going through EE have lowest rejection rate from all others (96% of success rate as for figures from 2015).

    With that said, of course you must meet basic pool entering criteria (1 year job experience, at least high school diploma, language level).
    Most provinces doing EE PNP already state the same requirement for their stream as well. So that there is no problem with it later.

    What provinces do not check is following:
    Criminality - PCC - most common mistake come from either not providing requested PCC (no PCC at all or wrong type), not providing evidence, that one is unable to get it / get it in time, or not providing evidence, that PCC has to be requested directly by CIC.
    The big advantage of PNP is, that if you get first rejection, because you messed up with your PCC (for example provided wrong one), you get another shot (as those 600 points are a sure ticket for another ITA).
    Medical - actually rejection here can be the most serious one. But then again you can still try to appeal and bring more evidence to your case. In this area PNP are on the same level as everybody else. But then again even Medicals are not very frequent.

    So overall I would say PNP are in very good position to pass through.
  8. Thanks for all of your replies!

    What I am saying is that I feel like the CIC is somewhat racial-profiling applicants based on their origins, such as the negativity on today's immigration trend caused by the mega-rich Chinese, ISIS-brainwashed muslims or probably more marriage cheating that has been discovered recently..

    So honestly for me --- I DON'T KNOW!!!

    For work reference, I just submitted what I previously submitted to the PNP - including a general reference from the company(with itself clarifying my NOC code plus the net salary), plus a separate personal letter from my ex-supervisor detailing my duty specifics, plus all the payroll and bank deposit records. -- And yes my CEC failed when nomination came out but I still met the FSW criteria then I just applied under that category as a PNP nominee -- So would the CIC have any queries on the work reference part that was already previously approved by the PNP?? If so, would they contact you for more information if they require?Huh?

    For security, yes I had police and CBSA detention history before BUT, with no sentencing records and all things were fine in the end in the legal means, and I included all the legal documents about those incidents in the EE for the CIC to review. And once again YES- I am a bit paranoid here ---so would the CIC not bite on the evidence I provided and instead turn me down based merely on the fact that THEY JUST DON'T LIKE ME?

    Sorry to ask in this way, but this is truly what I have been feeling like how the CIC view us - they are getting meaner and meaner these days.

  9. This is absolutely wrong and you are way overreacting. Canada had record number of immigrants in 2015 and immigration target of 2016-17 will be higher than that. There are small drops in skilled labour in return for higher sponsorship targets, but not enough to consider as significant shift. Refugees target is the same as last year 25000 and in line with the last decade.

    There are possibility that IRCC is doing more thorough check on your work experiences than the PNP office (remember it's federal IRCC that grants you CRS Points) but if the PNP satisfies, most likely IRCC would agree. All they want to know is whether you are actually performing the job you claim to be in. You also mentioned detention record with CBSA. They would want to get to the bottom of it and whether you've committed immigration fraud. You would know if you have been charged with fraud. They take CBSA record very seriously.

    You can order GCMS note on your application and if its over 6 month you can contact your MP. There is no use 1) panicking 2) screaming on the internet

  10. Thanks!
    Well all that I can say is I STILL DON'T KNOW.

    My case with the CBSA wasn't about any immigration fraud but just a police incident: the police arrested me->the court charged me->then they dropped the charge->CBSA followed up even with a removal order->But finally the CBSA admitted on paper that they were wrong with their detention and revoked the removal order so I was finally legally allowed to stay..

    I understand there may be some background-checking work for the CIC to do, but what could they finally say???

    And sure! I am not going to overreact about this matter BUT, the latest update I received from myCIC was the request for the Schedule A and Schedule 4 - and it has been three months since I uploaded them successfully online, neither have I seen any change on my application status.

    Review of eligibility We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
    Review of medical results You passed the medical exam.
    Review of additional documents The additional documents you provided have been uploaded.
    Interview You do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes.
    Background check We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.
    Final decision Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.

    So in your opinion, is ordering GCMS notes needed at this time?

  11. Ordering notes is up to you. But if it makes you calmer why not.
    If at the end charges were dropped you have nothing to worry about. Yes it will take a bit longer in your case to pass security checks, but there is no problem there.
    And so far I do not see preferences for certain nationalities. It is more like some others might have same names as somebody in register and then it takes longer.
    Good luck
  12. Thanks for all of your information and guidance.

    I have another inquiry here:

    Is it possible to extend our PNP nomination?
    I know typically the PNP office will make the nomination valid only for 6 months, and I also know that Alberta offers some chance of renewal. But for OINP, is it possible to extend it even though their website doesn't mention it?

    I've looked through some past threads and it seems no one is sure about certain PNP extension, so if anyone here knows something about it based on your past experience, please do share it with us.

    Thanks again!
  13. Direct ask your PNP to send an email. They will solve your problem easily.
  14. Hello Everyone,
    I applied under Ontario PNP under Masters Graduate stream in October 2017, got my Nomination Letter first week of January and it is valid till June 2018. I have already been working since April 2017 so in April 2018, I will be eligible to apply under Express Entry CEC.

    My question is, when I create an profile in express entry it asks me, Do you have nomination from a province? Do i select a yes or no? Is this the option which will get me the additional 600 points? I already get to 458 points without PNP in Express Entry if I apply in April 2018. I dont want to apply under the paper based application by accepting the PNP and applying paper based and get stuck for 16-18 months when I can get PR in 6 months under Express Entry CEC.

    Is there anyone who has similar situation or can help with this question?

  15. This post scares me. I am sinp nominated and the only thing scaring me is the referrefer letter with job responsibilities matching noc. Why would ircc contradict with pnp approval of the job responsibilities ?

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