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PNP PR - September - October 2017 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by popeye12, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Hello guys,

    Starting this thread will be a long journey, but every journey starts with the first step forward.

    Let's connect here.... share your timelines guys.....
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    AINP PR paper application
    CIO Sydney NS received: sept 11,2017
    Waiting for AOR
  3. Received MPNP on 03 September 2017. Application received at Nova Scotia on 13th September.

    Waiting for AOR number
  4. BC PNP on 25 September 2017. Application will be delivered at Nova Scotia on 13th October.

    Waiting for AOR number....

    Do you guys think it's a good idea we create a Whatsapp group?
  5. AINP PR application
    CIO Sydney NS received sept 11,2017
    AOR oct 11,2017
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  6. Holy shit!!! 1 month for AOR!!! Congrats!!! Too fast :D
  7. Thanks.
    You will have yours soon
  8. Congrats! Its fast...
  9. Yes it is fast only 4 wks
    Thanks though
  10. Congrats! Are you Inland or Outland applicant?
  11. I'm Ontario PNP with Sept 19 AOR. Hoping to pass medical by next week.
    Thanks for starting this thread. It's been too depressing to keep reading about FSW applicants getting their PRs in a month or less.
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  12. Thanks for starting this thread!
    OINP (PNP-Outland)
    ITA: 24 Aug
    eAPR AOR: 12 Oct
  13. Inland applicant
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  14. Yes, a WhatsApp group would be nice. I'm on the regular September AOR group and it's really depressing to see how fast they move and annoying in some ways to hear the FSW guys complain about their "long" waiting times
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  15. I'm OINP, AOR 11 Sept and currently in NA2
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