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PNP PR - JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2016 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by manikn10, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. I hope I would get...
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  2. I think tomorrow will have updates for most of the app.
  3. Yeah, I am still waiting for medicals for me and my husband... GCMS notes shows medical not started yet
  4. SINP
    September 2016 applicant
    Dec 2016 Aor
    ADR March 2017
    July 2017 medical
    Ppr today...
  5. just now? did you see your Mycic updated????
  6. It’s same as before
    In process
  7. so you just got an email for ppr?
  8. it is the same, does the front page saying 'updated' in the details section? before you click into the status, where it shows 'submitted' before. Thank you!

    BTW, Congrats!
  9. Where do you check that? My BGIP in from January 15th
  10. Congrats ! July 2017 medical request ? or did you do it and submitted on your own ?

  11. Congratulations bhaila.
    Did you have any dependents in your file?
    Cic tari job par contact karyo hato k SINP ma?
  12. Yes!
  13. I’m sep 15 applicant! And BGIP from February 20
    You are not alone

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