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pnp pr issue.. help needed by experts-seniors please

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by arun1990, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. hello members, please solve my confusions I have in my pr case. I went to Ontario on study permit,on getting pgwp I moved to Manitoba because of pnp. i worked in a retail company and got pnp in skilled worker overseas stream(manitoba experience) because my employer was not ready to sign the rapport form with mpnp because my wp was about to expire and they did not want to do lmia process. so i got mpnp in manitoba experience in april 2015. in may 2015 i got wp rejection(I knew cic would reject my wp extension),, but someone misguided me that i should visit border to check my luck. they would give closed wp as i had received pnp letter. when i went to border i was under restoration i had 90 days to renew my status. i did a blunder by crossing canada border and came back from usa border(virtual flagpolling which one does for landing as pr) when i went to cbsa office after entering canada border. i was grilled by officiers for 4 hours. they checked all my papers previous applications interviewed me for hours. they told me that i have lost restoration because i stepped into a foreign country, so they scared me that they will ban me from canada for 1 year. i begged them explained them my fault. showed them that i did not do it deliberately it happened due to lack of knowledge. they gave 1 week validity of trv and told me that i can find an employer who will pay for wp and do lmia and if i go back to them they would give closed wp for me but i could not find because one week was too short. I sent my pnp pr package to sydney office and came back to india in june 2015. I received AOR in aug. medicals landing fees request in december. I did not notify cic that i came back. they asked me schecdule A request in feb 2016. i gave them my indian address while sending schedule A and in april 2016 my file was transferred to new delhi and i have not heard anything from new delhi since april. now my question is how are the chances for me get pr as my case is very complicated?.. pls share ur thoughts,sorry my message is too long. thank for ur patience,regards
  2. Hi Arun,

    Your chances are 100% getting your PR. Don't worry about the issue you have mentioned. You have nomination based on your experience. not based on your job offer. So if they want to reject your application you would have got rejection already. they transferred your file to new Delhi, which is your local embassy now. So dont worry about your chances. you will get it 110%.
  3. Thank u bhavesh. I hope to get good results by October
  4. Check ur pm inbox
  5. Hmmm.... fine he got his nomination based on manitoba experience, but that is not the issue now.
    The truth is dat Arun shld av gotten his PR by now if not for that mistake of stepping into a foregin land while on restoration period. The issues now are:
    1. CIC had bin treating his file as inland application prior to the receipt of his second sch A and that made them to transfer the whole case to New Delhi.
    2. It is likely that New Delhi visa office eventually linked up with CBSA and see the previous Canadian border crossing attempt. How sure are we that those border officers believed his story then? and thought he was trying to beat the system? they might probably see that as misrepresentation.
    I'm not trying to scares him but we need to thread with caution here so as not to mislead him again.
    To begin with, Arun should get his GCMS notes to know exactly what they have written about him in his file then he should consult a licensed immigration lawyer and stop this self help and asking of opinion. He needs professional, targeted help from this point to try and clean things up. I wish him the best.
  6. You are right. It was my opinion only. As u said Arun should seek professional help. I thought if that would have a problem he would have got rejection already. Again it is just my personal opinion.
  7. Hi Arun, you have your nomination by Manitoba, u process ur PR application u went back to india as an instruction by immigration, now ur file has been traansferred to New Dheli because that is the nearest office for your current location.
    Now going to a boarder for a wp renewal is very risky, but since u have a nomination from manitoba they should have given u a wp. It really varies for boarder offices sometimes there are few offices that u can ho which will help u renew ur wp on the spot without to much question. The onky thing u did is u went to the usa boarder office? If im not mistaken as u stated . You shiuld have only step into the office of cbsa. Never go to usa . Because even when u go for PR exit u cant take long cause they will question u.
    Good luck for your application. U can still get someone to hold ur application even as of this date to help u out.
  8. first of all if you are on restoration you must not leave canada. that is rule so no matter border officer
    r good or not is not issue. you made big mistake by not asking professional ppl or cic direcly for flag polling. dont rely on
    ordinary ppl while the matter is life changing.well all had done so nothing can be changed.

    The best way is wait and if you get any query regarding your border issue meantime involve qualified
    IMMIGRATION.)if you dont get any query for explanation from delhi then enjoy.i dont think it will be issue but
    still this is canada immigration,you never know. make your finger crossed and good luck buddy.
  9. Inland AINP PR application

    AINP Nominated : 01 june 2017

    File recieved : 23July 2017

    AOR : 01 September 2017

    My AINP is already expired now.

    1) i changed employer at 08 January 2018 , after my AINP expire and i didn't inform anyone else yet because my work is in ineligible occupation list for AINP.

    2) i married in august 2017 but my wife is in canada on student visa and she didn't want to accompany with me for PR. So , i didn't inform anyone.

    My questions are ,

    Should i need to inform about my employer change though its in ineligible occupation list ?

    Is it too late to inform about marriage and add her name in my application ?

    Are they refuse if i update about above changes now?

    What will be circumstances , if i update these?

    I am so worried and i haven't any representative. Please give some advise about what should i do?

    I didn't get my MR yet.

    Please and Thank you in advance
  10. Nothing risky. He had done one mistake. Just a nomination certificate is not all paperwork he needs in order to get a closed wp on the border. His employer would also need to register for LMIA exempt and pay around 200$ fee then with that registratin number get in touch with mpnp and get from mpnp another confirming letter indicating his employer needs a new wp. So in total the guy would need on the border: nomination certificate, employer LMIA exempt registration number, receipt proving 200$ fee was paid(very important to have), supporting letter for a wp from mpnp. The whole process takes 2-3 business days for mpnp after your employer registers and pays the fee. I know two cases when that worked out super smmothy, and the second case was during the 90days restoration. Also our local deputy called the closest border office to ask about open wp, but an officer said that they only open closed wp.

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