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PNP PR In-land Paper-Based Applicants February March 2018 - Let's Connect Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by IBTWS, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Let's connect here all applicants for PR In-Land Paper-Based (Feb~Mar 2018) that received Provincial Nomination.

    I got AINP.

    Here's my timeline:

    •Documents sent to NS: Feb 15, 2018
    •Documents received at NS: Feb 21, 2018
    •AOR: Waiting...
  2. hello i am gathering documents to send my file to CIC under provincial nomineee so, i have applied twice to RCMP thru FIPS (private agency) and i haven't receive my fingerprints and when i email RCMP they are saying they have released the report and sent it to the address mentioned i check the address to its correct but i don't know why i am not reviving my document please help!
  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.

    It's pretty hard to answer. In my case took one week to get it in my email.

    I would say, if you are still getting you mail as normal, you could go and talk to the Canada Post closest office.

    Keep us posted, and have a great day.
  4. yes i went there they cant do anything without tracking number so, i have a question can we send our file without Rcmp PCC if yes do i have to add an additional letter explaining my situation because i am getting late
  5. Yes, you can send your file without RCMP PCC, however, IRCC will ask you to send them that document as soon as they open a file number for you. So, it will likely delayed a bit your process. But the mail problem is delaying your process as well, so it is a trade off for you.
  6. i meant to say if i dont include this document at this point do i have to attach an additional letter explaining my situation or just dont include the document and submit?
  7. To my knowledge, you don't have to include an additional letter. In fact, I believe in the checklist they don't ask you for RCMP PCC, but we all know they will ask you for that as soon as they open your file. That's why too many people include that document right away.
  8. ok thnk u
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  9. Here is my timeline
    2018 Fed 13 Sent
    2018 Fed 16 received
    Now waiting for AOR
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  10. My Timelines are :
    CIC received date 8th Nov'17
    AOR Date : 12th Jan'18
    Medical Status : Upfront and passed
    Now waiting....!!
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  11. Hello i am about to send my file i just wanted to confirm we just submit passport under trvael documents right? or do we have to submit our work permit too with it help!
  12. March 14 2018 AOR received
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  13. Wow, it looks like they are working a bit faster. That's great! Hopefully I get mine soon.
  14. yep it took only 26 days, so yours will be soon.
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  15. I just got my AOR. Updating my timeline:

    Documents sent: Feb 15, 2018
    Documents received: Feb 21, 2018
    AOR received: Mar 15, 2018

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