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PNP Nomination Validity after ITA rejection

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by danishriz, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hi I received the PNP nomination after which I sent my ITA documents but recently my ITA got rejected because of incomplete documents. Now I have to create the express entry profile again.

    Will my previous PNP nomination still be valid for the new express entry profile that I will create? Or will I have to apply for PNP again?
  2. You mean your eAPR got rejected? In this case, you will contact the province again to reissue the nomination to your new EE profile. The province has the right to determine whether they will grant your request or make you apply again.

    If you voluntarily declined your ITA, the nomination should be intact for the existing EE profile. An ITA means "invitation to apply". The post ITA process is the "eAPR" or "electronic application for permanent residence".
  3. thanks. yes my eAPR got rejected. So after creating the new profile should I contact ontario again for the provincial nomination to be reissued to my new EE profile??
  4. Yes, so explain why you were rejected (say which were the missing documents), then provide them the new EE profile number, new job seeker validation code, plus your OINP file number, etc.
  5. ok thanks
  6. Hello Guys , I Just got the same situation here .

    Stangly my consultants forgot to file my wife;s PCC - hence ITA got rejected . But PNP is still valid till 31st July .

    I have emailed them last week .its probably too early to ask for my case .

    Question for you guys - in your cases - What happened finally ? Did you guys got points transferred finally to your new EOI ? Please confirm .
    Urgent reply is really appreciated .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sanjeev .
  7. yes I got it transferred successfully. just email them
  8. Hi there! Were you able to re-use your medical for the second ITA? I have done upfront medical but my file was returned as incomplete. I still have like 10 months of validity for my medical.

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