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PNP - BC - Actor


Nov 20, 2019
Hi there,

I currently have a CRS score of 393, and the only reasonable way (aside from marriage) I can see to boost my score as an actor would be with a PNP. The good news is Actors are considered a "needed occupation" by the province of British Columbia, however there are requirements for the Provincial Nominee Program.

The first of which is, quote: "JOB OFFER - your employer has offered, and you have accepted, permanent, full-time employment in an eligible occupation (does not apply to International Post-Graduates)"

The second is, quote: "WAGE - the wage you have been offered must be competitive with B.C. wage rates for the occupation. Applications within Metro Vancouver are restricted to employment offers above the B.C. median wage of $22.00 per hour."

Well as an actor there's hardly such a thing as full-time work. It's usually a gig for a period of time, get paid decently until the next gig.

The thing that actors usually have is a Talent Agent, who helps them receive auditions and roles, and in return take a portion of the money, however they do not directly pay the actor.

My question is since the situation for actors is different than most (but still considered a "needed occupation") is having a contract with a talent agent enough to be considered a job offer? And even if they gigs they land me often pay well over $22 an hour, if they're not the ones paying me does that still count?

I don't know if anyone has the answer since this is a very specific question, however if anyone could point me to some resources or phone numbers of people who would know the answer it would be greatly appreciated.