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PNP based application may- july 2018 connect here.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by chandreshjiyani, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. I am nominated by SINP on 31st may and i have applied for PR on June 4th 2018.

    Please share your time lines
  2. SINP PNP Received 23 March 2018
    PR Application sent on 6 May 2018
    Application Received on 10 May 2018
    Waiting on AOR.......

    Please Keep Updating

  3. Ok thanks for join this thread
  4. PNP received - 03 May 2018
    ITA received - 09 May 2018
  5. It is not for express entry
  6. Did you get your file number?
    Because now a days everybody gets it within a month.
  7. PR Application sent on 7 May 2018
    Application Received on 9 May 2018
    Waiting on AOR too.......
  8. I think we guys should share our contact number so i can make a group on whatsapp

    Do you guys think so?
    My number is +1 639 540 2323
  9. New Brunswick
    PR application received: May 1 2018
    Waiting for AOR
  10. My contact is 639 997 2605
    please add me. waipm
  11. Hello, is that paper based application? If so, we should update the title so express entry people dont reply here.

    AINP nomination received on 23 may,2018
    PR application sent on june 1, 2018
    Application received on june 6,2018

    Waiting for AOR now.. Seems like the process is a little faster. Am I right?

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