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Please share your experience about Criminal Rehabilitation application in 2017

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by seekingCR2, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Did u send it to new york? Did u receive an email stating they received your application?
  2. No! I send it to Mexico City Visa Office, but the last 22 April 2019 was refused together with my
    Family Sponsorship PR Application

    After careful and thorough consideration of all aspects of your application and the supporting
    information provided, I have determined that you do not meet the requirements of the Immigration
    and Refugee Protection Act because you are a person described in paragraph A36(2)(b) of the Act.
    You are therefore inadmissible to Canada.
    Paragraph 36(2)(b) renders inadmissible a foreign national on grounds of criminality for having been
    convicted outside Canada of an offence that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an indictable
    offence under an Act of Parliament, or of two offences, not arising out of a single occurrence that, if
    committed in Canada, would constitute offences under an Act of Parliament.
    You have/has been convicted in the United States of America on 2010/03/22of an offence, namely
    Driving while intoxicated. If committed in Canada, this offence would be punishable under Operation
    while impaired, contrary to Section 253(1) of the Canadian Criminal Code and would be punishable
    by way of indictment.
    Subsection 11(1) of the Act states that the visa or document shall be issued if, following an
    examination, the officer is satisfied that the foreign national is not inadmissible and meets the
    requirements of this Act. I am satisfied that you are inadmissible for the reasons set out above. I am
    therefore refusing your application pursuant to subsection 11(1) of the Act.
    This inadmissibility also extends to any stay in Canada as a visitor, for you. You should therefore not
    attempt to enter Canada.
    I am sending a letter to your sponsor giving notice of the appeal provisions of the Immigration and

    This is a nightmare for My and wife and me!
    Now days DUI is a Serious crime in Canada
    Hope the best luck for your application!
  3. That is somewhat confusing. So they're saying that you're denied because of your DUI in 2010? Many people who have dui's get accepted.
  4. I know but they refused my PR App and My CR app too, we just can do appeal but if appeal is not approve Good Bye Canada forever! ‍♂️
    Good luck in you app man
    God Bless You!
  5. Alright thanks. Good luck to you as well
  6. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I got the approval for my rehab application on April 30th. The timeline is as follows -

    Consulate received my application on 9/18/2018
    Consulate puts my application in queue on 11/27/2018
    Approval on 4/30/2019

    Here is the wording -

  7. Timeline update:

    I'm in a situation where I need to enter Canada from time to time for work. Initially when I got this job, I was one year shy of being eligible for rehabilitation. Criminal rehabilitation processing times were advertised at about one year. So I applied for a 2 year TRP which allowed me to travel into Canada in the meantime. I applied for the rehab as soon as I became eligible. All were approved and the timeline follows:

    9/26- TRP application submitted
    2/21- TRP application approved (2 year TRP)
    6/23- (The day that I became eligible for rehabilitation) criminal rehabilitation application submitted.
    10/21- received an email from the consulate that my application for criminal rehab was received and placed in the processing queue.
    3/4- application for criminal rehabilitation approved

    I live in the U.S. and submitted my application to the NYC office.

    I hope this helps someone
  8. Im confused. So are you now approved?. Earlier
  9. Thank you for the update. You didn't have to wait a year i see. The CR was only 9 months. I sent mine about a month ago. Forgot to include the check list , but definitely sent every document required. Not sure if itll
  12. What happens after approval? What happened when you tried to enter? Just need copy of letter? I was approved after 11 months
  13. I just came into Canada for the first time since my approval. I got pulled into secondary at customs. The officer said that he didn't know why but I was "marked". So I mentioned that it was probably to do with my recent criminal rehab approval. I had a hard copy of the approval letter with me so I gave that to him. He typed in some info into his computer, stamped my passport, and I was on my way. He said to carry that letter with me anytime that I come to Canada. He mentioned that the CR essentially puts an asterisk next to my name in their system for a period of time, so I might get pulled into secondary until it drops off in the future.

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