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Please i need advice...BOWP refused what should i do next.?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by malen888888, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. good evening
    I need an advice
    I applied my BOWP last june, 3 months before my work permit expired then on September 3 i applied my PR under new pilot... no updates until now with my PR. But yesterday i received that my bowp is refused and i know that somehow i did apply it too soon... the ircc letter said i should apply for restoration of my temporary status within 90days though they said that they cant guarantee that my restoration status application will be accepted.

    What should do next..?

    Hoping for your kind advice
  2. You'll need to stop working and apply to restore your status.
  3. Hi , same situation . I have applied in June for workpermit extension and got refusal.Not sure if I should apply for temp resident visitor visa or what can be done
  4. Thank you for response.... i already stop working since last September....

    I just want to
  5. If i should apply for OWP or temporary visa
  6. You should search another alternatives and stop your current job

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