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Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Saracanada, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I don't have credit card to check into hotel in Calgary. What can be done? Does Calgary Airport sell credit cards?

    Thank you all for your time
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    You cannot buy a credit card but if you have a debit card some hotels may take that and charge full amount up front. Not sure about cash or a currency exchange card as each hotel can have different policies same as they can even with debit cards given they want some guarantee against any extra charges.

    Where hotels do take debit cards might not be unusual for them to place a hold on funds in an account for the total stay plus some random amount for extras. This hold could take days to be released even after someone has checked out.

    Suggest you either call the hotel you have in mind or email them. Big chains such as Marriott usually have terms on their website for example https://www.marriott.com/about/digital-entry-terms-of-use.mi
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