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Please Help - Wrong entry dates on COPR

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by arajoba, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    I have received COPR last Friday and just before going to flagpoling I noticed error in "Last Entry Date" "Original Entry Date". The said dates reflect the trip I did on when I had study permit and not PGWP thus wrong.

    Now my questions to you all experienced folks are -

    1. Would it matter if I go for flagpole vs appointment at immigration office with this COPR? There are some threads on this but they are dated 2017. Does anyone had any recent experience with this?

    2. Can this be amended after I land or while landing?

    Would appreciate your response.

    Thanks and happy holidays.
  2. These are very common mistakes and they don't affect your landing.
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  4. Hey- please do share your experience. My original date of entry is wrong on my COPR, I am really hoping that they would correct it while and during the landing process. Thank you!

    Also, did you try booking an appointment? I just emailed them for it today.

  5. I am most likely going for flagpoling in the new year as its the fastest.

    I called CIC, their auto response says they will get back to us within 30 days so I am expecting there’s quite a bit of wait.
    Will post here any updates....

    Did you get any response btw? Let me know when they reply to your email.
  6. I see, will let you know when I hear back. Best of luck!
  7. Hey- any updates? Did you hear back for the landing appointment?
  8. No, not for landing. Did you?

    I also contacted for CoPR issue and CIC said there won't be issues and changes can be done by officer while validating. No need to update record of landing after that.
  9. No nothing as yet. That sounds great! Thank you for letting me know.
  10. I see we can contact them for landing appointment also via Web Form. I will do that today.
    My CoPR is valid till 29 April 2020. Maybe they are relaxed about that.
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  11. Yes, I was thinking about that too. Mine is also expiring in April 2020.
  12. Hey- did you get any response on the web form?
  13. @Bend, I landed at Point Roberts - Boundary Bay Border today also linked my PR card application in my account. Thanks to @myra20sharma.

    When mentioned to CBSA officer wrong dates thing, she checked my passport and asked me to sign on both copies, then took my passport with both CoPR copies and returned after 15-20 minutes explaining obligations and all. I thought she corrected the dates and I didn't check it there but dates are still not corrected.

    Not sure she did or not or just changed on IRCC copy. Anyway, I'll be contacting IRCC for that.

    It was surprisingly busy, most applicants doing flagpoling for PGWP. - I felt sense of frustration from them.
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  14. How did you link your application please as I can’t just get through with it. I have tried severally.

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