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Discussion in 'Education' started by Toby Laid, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Hi i just want to ask if i graduated here with only a diploma and i dont have a degree but i have a PGWP can i apply in job posting ?
  2. If you have a PGWP you can apply for any job as it is an open work permit. Of course, it depends if the jobs you are going for ask for a degree.
  3. Hello,

    i have a quesiton regarding the pgwp, if you have a multiple entry visa visit what the maximum time you can spend outside canada in a periof of lets say 3 years for pgpw? Thank you
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    If you have a 3 year PGWP and a valid multi entry TRV there is no restriction how much time you can spend outside of the country.

    Your other posts imply maybe you are thinking of applying through inland spouse sponsorship in which case answer would be different, max recommended then would be 2-3 weeks else application might be considered abandoned. No such issue with Outland.

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