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PGWP with part time study. Help!!!

Discussion in 'International Students' started by huyypeter, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. I took a 2 years diploma program at Douglas College from september 2018. I took 4 courses in fall 2018, 4 courses in winter 2019, 2 courses in summer 2019. According to Douglas college, if Im a 2 years program student, I can take a summer off or study part time and still be considered as full time student. Now Im changing my program to 1 year program, and with all the courses I have finished, I only need to study 1 course left in fall 2019 to finish that 1 year certificate. But according to my school, 1 year program student must take at least 3 courses on summer term to be considered as full time student. This part is confusing me, how the PGWP officer will look at my case. Please give me advice
  2. If it is the last semester of your program and you will be applying for PGWP after this you can be a part-time student.

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