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PGWP - Part-Time/Full-Time Status

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Alexios, Jul 6, 2019.

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    Hello people,

    So here is my situation.

    My program is: 1 Year Certificate ( Database Administration & Design )
    I paid for 3 courses total of 10 credits for the first term, then due to unavailability of courses in the second term, I had to talk to BCIT employee to find out what I could do to get 9 credits in the second term. She offered me to transfer one of my courses in the first term to the second term so that I would have enough credits in each semester, but she didn't discuss anything about my full-time status that affects PGWP, and unfortunately I was novice back then so as long as she suggested me this I said okay let's do it.

    So now I ended up with:

    First Term: 2 Courses total of 9 credits. (I have proof that I paid for 3 courses in the first term.)
    Second Term: 4 Courses total of 9.5 credits.
    Third Term: 3 Courses total of 9.5 credits.

    So rule is : Take a minimum of 3 courses worth at least 9 credits each term

    I know that it was my responsibility but I think theirs too...Since we are international students, we can't know everything, our English was not great at that point in time. And top of that we're paying 3 times more than domestic students...

    I still have 9 credits in the first term... BCIT says one of the 3 courses can be an online course each term, is there a chance that I can convince them or something?

    But I guess I will get rejected, should I withdraw and get my money back before its too late?



    BCIT considers international students as having part-time status if they are enrolled in:
    • A Part-Time Program with less than 3 courses and 9 credits each term: Students self-register course-by-course.
    International students who are enrolled in courses from part-time programs and want to be considered as having full-time status must meet the following requirements:

      • Take a minimum of 3 courses worth at least 9 credits each term
      • One of the 3 courses can be an online course each term, provided that international students study within Canada
      • Study all 3 terms (fall, winter, spring/summer)

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