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Discussion in 'International Students' started by Syy, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I ordered GCMS notes for my pgwp. In one of the notes, it says :

    Text: Graduate from "....", program '...' , Client eligble for 3 yr pgwp ( 2020/11/10) : However, document issued to expiry of passport.

    My pgwp is expiring in oct this year. According to the note, I can apply for an extension on my new passport right ?

  2. If it does say Client Eligible for PGWP , apply for an extension and try your luck.
    But you might get denied as well, since you just "Completed" a program of one year.

    But the weird thing that in the transcripts it does mention you were a student from Fall 2015.
    Guess VO's saw that.
    Idk tricky situation.
  3. I know right! Very tricky indeed. I'm gonna apply and see what happens. Don't care if I get refused, didn't expect to get pgwp more than 1 year in the first place anyway haha.
    One thing though, if I hear back from them after Oct 22, ( expiry of my pgwp ) and the decision is negative, will my status here remain legal till their response?

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