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Personal tax - multiple T2202A from multiple years

Discussion in 'Canadian Finance and Taxation' started by newsaeedr, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. I have 5 T2202A forms from my 5 years enrollment in a program during 2010-2015 years. I have never claimed for my T2202A's in my tax returns since then, and this year (2018 tax year) I want to claim for them.

    The question is whether I can enter all five forms in my tax return for 2018?

    If yes, how do I go about it, since the sum number of full-time enrollment months for the tuition period is over 12.
    If not, then how does it work? Does this mean that I can only claim for one T2202A form at a time? Do I get to choose which of my 5 forms to enter in my 2018 return, or does it have to follow chronological order, meaning this year I claim for 2010 T2202A, then next year I claim for 2011 and so on?

  2. Nope, unfortunately, you will need to file T1 adjustment request for each year. I.e., the T2202A for 2010 must be reported on your 2010 t1 return, 2011 T2202A on 2011 tax return, and so on.

    The tuition credits for each year will first reduce the income of that year, then the remainder will be carried forward to future years.

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