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Personal Immigration Entry/Exit Record from countries where i Travelled

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by kumar2014, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Hi guys.
    I need your expert guidance and help.
    Hi Guys
    I have applied for my PR Renewal last month. In past 5 years, I have stayed in Canada for 800 days.
    I am from India.
    Now I have received an email from CIC.They asked for :
    1) copy of my passport(Which I already sent them)
    2)Personal Immigration Entry/Exit Record from the countries where I travelled in last 5 years
    I travelled to India and USA.
    I don't know what shud I do now?From where I can get these documents?
    There are entry/exit stamps on passport......What else they want???

    Please help

  2. well i think u suppose to include photocopies of all pages of ur passport. Did u send all page ? if not send all page with stamps. if ur stamps is not in English or French plz have them translated and send it ASAP.
  3. Thanks Sajirin for reply
    I sent all the copies of my passport including blank pages and even all the stamps are in English.
    The only thing is there are lot many stamps on my passport and did not flag them as per Entry/Entry from Respective Country..
    Can i send them again with Excel sheet mentioning all the entry /dates and put flags on the passport???
    Or i have to get from immigration department of India and Usa which is very tough.i dont think india immigration department will issue such certificate
    pl help me..I am in big trouble..
    Otherwise i have completed 800 days stay in canada
  4. No, excel sheet would not be acceptable to them, as it is your own production. Also I do not think any of the Indian authorities can provide you with this information. In case of CBSA and US-Entry & exits, there are standard procedures, but for India, I am hopeless you would ever get it.
    That is unfortunate that they are asking for this. Wish you best of luck and keep us posting and update us of how you solved this problem. Wish you best of luck. By the way - what triggered this question. Are you self employed?
  5. are any part of the stamps from India, in hindi? if so u need it to get them translated,. I would prolly send a copy of all your passports in last 5yrs and get those stamps translated and make an excel sheet of entry exit stamps.
  6. Thanks Sammy and Akheya.

    Sammy-----I have already applied to CBSA and planning to apply for USA tomorrow.Ya you are right CBSA and US is a standard procedure but i dont think India will issue such certificate.What should i do in this case.Where shud i send an email to India?Atleast if they reply me that they dont issue such certificate,,,that will also sole my purpose..Because then i can send CIC the same reply that they dont issue that and all the enteries and exit are in passport.

    Akleya,,,,,Thanks for reply...All the stamps are in English..the only thing is there are lot many stamps..May be that could be the reason..Now i made a excel sheet but sammy is saying they dont accept Excel Sheet.

    Please guide me

  7. 1. Did you provide CIC authority to get your CBSA records directly in the PR Card renewal form?

    2. An excel spreadsheet detailing the travel records with in/ out/location/passport page stamp is located is the starting point.

    Send CIC this spreadsheet and state you've applied for CBP records but last I checked they have a 6+ months backlog due to Canadian Citizenship applicants asking for their records in response to either getting an RQ (mini or maxi version/s) or preempting an RQ. Contact the Indian Consulate in Ottawa they may help you out. Also check poster 'eileenf' her signature line has an RQ resource primarily for citizenship applicants but useful for PRs too. I remember someone asking for travel records from India or Pakistan which I researched as to their source from the relevant Interior Ministry and this was added onto the site by eileenf.

    3. Have you submitted a Personal Claims History from your Ministry of Health - this is a record of billing for any medical services provided to you including any visits to your family doctor - its solid evidence of physical presence.

    4. Were you employed on a full time basis in the 800 days?

    5. Did you submit all the other required documentation for the PR Card renewal?

    6. Was this an urgent request?
  8. hi mr kumar
    Please could you guide me what steps you took, as i received the similar requirement cic as well
  9. Is CIC asking for last five years or since you landed, if you have landing date more than 5 years.
  10. We are renewing a permanent residency card and have been asked for an entry/exit record for countries visited, but aside from the US, have not been able to find any reference to such a thing on any of the websites. Possibly its called something else?

    US; We have applied to the US under the FOIA for a record from there

    Canada; how to obtain such record from CBSA? I have dug through their website but cant find any reference to such a thing. Is the another name for an entry/exit record?

    UK; I found a link elsewhere on this(?) forum to the UK, but it doesnt work. I have gone through the UK govt website and again not found any reference to an entry/exit record, and have tried phoning the UK High commsion where I went through endless voice menus to eventually get disconnected.

    Mexico; again nothing on their website; the woman at the consulate had never heard of such a thing

    Guatemala; as above

    Thanks for any help
  12. Please check this discussion, you may get information you want

  13. Hi Everyone,

    How do I get travel record from India for past 5 years? Please advice. Your help will be really appreciated.


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