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Permanent Resident Renewal Timeline 2018

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Coolcat01, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Hi friends
    Any idea how long it takes from Card sent into mail online status ..... To delivery at home in missisauga area?

  2. Hello 2calgary: Our cards were mailed on Oct. 31st and we have not received them yet. We are in Toronto.
  3. I had called today was told that my application was approved October 10. due a "production error" it was sent to reproduction Oct 18. estimates I was provided was 4 to 6wks...bizzare considering some are quicker usually couple of weeks...seems that our patience are being tested to the max.
  4. Hi Omg123: I wondered whether you received your card already. We have not and they were mailed on 10/31 with the strike and all, I do not know when to expect them. I do check the mailbox every night. Hope you get yours mailed out soon. <Sigh>

  5. Keep the faith, Mustafacan :)
  6. hey compro...thanks. hope the same for you keep us posted.
  7. Called IRCC today. They said it is still "in production" should be dispatched with in 2-3 weeks time. Waiting continued.................
    1. We received your application for a permanent resident card on October 15, 2018.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on October 24, 2018.
    3. We started processing your application on October 24, 2018.
    4. Your Permanent Resident card was sent by mail on November 6, 2018.
    Pasting my timeline for people who want to have have an idea of timeline for urgent processing.

    Also: Others who recently had cards mailed out - please let us know when you get your card in the mail
  8. On-line status show that they recevied my application on Aug 31th 2018 but that is all, no AOR has been sent. Does it mean something wrong with my application?
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  9. Cards received Nov 7 (I'm in Montreal). Good luck to everyone!
  10. No, expect your AoR in the last week of Nov or the first week of Dec.
  11. Hi guys,

    My application is regular renewal application and received August 31st, received AOR at November 5th, saw "decision made" in ECAS on November 6th.
    I called CIC and asked them for update. They said my application was approved and sent out to card production center on November 5th.

    Now, I am wondering when my card will be shipped out...
  12. Today, I received the renewed PR card in mail...took an awful 116 days!!
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    This is great news, Candoit! Our PR cards were mailed on Oct 31 (9 days in the mail to date) and we have not received them yet! Do you mind telling me your city? We are in Etobicoke, btw. <Sigh>
  14. I just sent application on Sep 05 for PR Card renewal without tracking number so don’t have any update . So I have no idea what my application is up to and haven’t received any AOR since September.
    Anybody from September month who has or hasn’t got any update ?? :(

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