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PEO suggestions for remotely working for US company?

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by cc31, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a Canadian PR currently working in the US for a US company but resigning from my current job and moving to Calgary, AB next month (Jan 2019). My current company wants me to continue to work for them remotely from Canada. I believe I will have to setup my own business and either market myself as an independent contractor or work with a professional employment organization (PEO). Since I am new to this situation, I am planning to work with a PEO to take care of the admin, HR, payroll, etc. tasks.

    Do you know or have worked/are working with a PEO in Canada (especially around Calgary area) that offer good services are have a good reputation? I have found some names and currently doing research on them but I wanted to have your opinion too.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi,

    Did you find a good PEO? I am also thinking of going the PEO route and your experience with it could help. Please do share.

  3. I talked to PEO Canada (https://www.peocanada.com/). They might be able to help you.

    I did not go with working remotely for the US company from Canada mainly because it will not help me get Canadian experience to obtain a professional license in Canada. And working from home is not a good option in my profession especially since I am early in my career. So I finally decided to focus on getting a job locally and advance my career from there. Moreover, the US company had limited projects lined up in 2019, so they did not have have an immediate need for me.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check them out. My US company isn't allowing me to work from Canada, although they have people who are literally doing my job from Canada. They are saying it is too expensive to "transfer" my job to Canada. I have been reading online and it "seems" like PEO could be an option. But again, seems like it is going to involve some costs for the company, which am not sure they'll be excited about.
  5. Yes, basically PEO Canada will take care of all the paperwork, translate US benefits to Canadian benefits and your paychecks will be routed through PEO. They will charge the US company for their service (which the US company may not like - the point you raised).

    Another route will be to setup a business in Canada and work for the US company as a contractor. But you will have to do all the paperwork or hire an accountant/tax expert. Normally it is told that you should not only have 1 US client as it would seem as an employer-employee relationship in the eyes of CRA. This may also complicate taxation and legality which will in turn complicate citizenship application.
  6. Would it be possible for me to pay the PEO instead of my company having to pay for them? I sent a message on the PEO Canada from their website but have not heard back yet. I am thinking of calling them.
  7. They suggest that the company pays them. Yes, just call them up for quicker results.
  8. I managed to talk to them today. They were even surprised as to why my company won't let me work from Canada when they have an office in Toronto. They mentioned that it's the company who would be invoiced for their services and not me. I guess, this route is a no go for me.

    I was trying to not go for the cross border commute route, as it is stressful and costly. But I guess I am left with only that now.


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