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PDOS requirements

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by santos_1024, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. For Filipinos leaving the country with immigrant VISA

    No Reservations Required for CFO PDOS Starting December 1, 2010
    Canada bound --- Mondays-Fridays 60 slots ONLY!!! 9:30am-12nn
    just an advise download the form and fill it up at home na para pagdating nyo sa orientation for verification na kayo agad. by the way, 12 yrs old below are not required to attend the orientation but you need to register them also.


    Requirements for Registration

    Original and photocopy of passport (must be valid about six months before date of travel)
    Original and photocopy of visa
    One (1) 2x2 or passport-size photograph
    One (1) valid identification card with photograph (eg., SSS ID, GSIS E-card, PRC ID, driver's license, postal ID, ARC, etc.)
    Original and photocopy of Confirmation of Permanent Residence for Canada-bound emigrant (must not be torn or signed before departure)
    Payment of P400.00 registration fee
    Duly completed registration form for Emigrants...download the form in this link


    For youth emigrants aged 13 to 19, the following additional documents are also required:

    Photocopy of parent's passport or valid identification card, if accompanied by parent/s during registration
    Letter of authorization from parent/s authorizing the guardian to register the child with CFO on their behalf (if accompanied by guardian during registration)
    Original and photocopy of DSWD travel clearance (click here for the new guidelines on issuance of travel clearance)

    For children 12 years old and below, the following additional documents are required if the proxy is not the legal/natural/adoptive parent of the registrant.

    Original and photocopy of one(1) of valid identification card with photograph of the proxy
    Special Power of Attorney or notarized authorization letter from the parent/s/ or guardian/s authorizing the proxy to register the minor children (authenticated by Diplomatic Post/ notarized in country where executor is residing).

    Registration Procedure

    1. Issuance of Registration Form
    2. Completion of CFO registration form
    3. Verification of Registration Forms (proceed to Counter 2)
    4. Payment of Authorized Registration Fee (proceed to Counter 3)
    5. Attendance to Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar/Peer Counseling
    6. Passport Releasing (double check information in the emigrant registration sticker affixed on the passportbefore leaving the CFO)

    God bless everyone ;)
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  3. Where do i get the confirmation letter for permanent residence??
  4. You will receive it after PPR. Have you already received PPR, or do you have your application still in process?
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  5. Just got my visa. I will just need to attend PDOS
  6. Ok, in that case I will ask my Filipino coworker, she will be able to confirm that information. Please send me a direct message :)
  7. Currently i am here in UAE and i have just landed in Canada this October. Next year by May i will be going to the Philippines and i will go back to Canada from there ( Phil). Just want to ask i am still required to take PDOS even if i already landed in Canada.
  8. How advance to get a PDOS? Can i get a certificate a month ahead before departure going to canada?

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