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PCC from UAE

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by aybee, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Dear Members,

    I have stayed in UAE from 2006 to 2008. Now for my FSW application i need a PCC from UAE. I have an agent who is working on my behalf to get the PCC from me. It's been 1 month and i have given him a fingerprint of mine from my local police head quarter in india. The Agent ( who is a reputed one) is now saying that the UAE police authorities(sharjah, dubai and abu dhabi)are not accepting the fingerprint and instead are saying that there is a specific 'form' on which i have to take my fingerprint and then submit it to the police authorities. they say that this 'form' is available at UAE embassies in all countries. But when my agent is asking for the form in the new delhi embassy, they say that there is no such from available with them. Now i am in a fix here. I need the PCC within a month.

    Does anyone know where can i get this form.
  2. better go there on transit visa and make things done in 7 days... OR

    contact the UAE Embassy in your country and tell them you dont have any relative in UAE , you need to force them, i am sure they can help you.

  3. Take a Air Arabia flight to Uae. Cost just 700 dhs with visa. Enjoy Dubai Shopping Festival and get ur homework of PCC done with great ease. PCC charges is just 110 dhs valid for 3 months and they will check ur details with the last cancelled visa and issue the Good conduct certificate.

    Go to Dubai police HQ near Al-mulla Plaza.

    Dsf ends on 28th Feb.
  4. hmmm....!!!!!

    If there is no such form, then why the hell is he telling me that the police there are asking from a specific form on which i have to get my fingerprint..????

    Has Anyone Recently Got Their PCC Form UAE ??? Please Reply :'(
    dude recently the application form for PCC has been changed by CID offices in UAE. This new form has not yet been circulated amongst the embassies all over the world.. the paper on which you got finger prints if acceptable there but not the old application form.. so now the only option is that you need to visit UAE else ask some of your friend to get an application form for you from CID office and courier it to you.. because it needs your signature as well.. so you courier him back form + finger prints

    Note:- the paper on which you got finger prints is issued by Indian CID office.. but you also need to get notary on it, then stamp from home ministry and then finally attestation from UAE consulate.. if you're in mumbai i can help.. PM me

  6. Dear SAGAR,

    Man UR Dot On Spot.....:)...happy to get this reply ... :-* I'm relieved

    Dear i had the old fingerprint done on the form given by my local police headquarter then got it attested by the external affairs ministry then by the uae embassy in delhi. then i sent it to the sharjah police via the agent. this thing i've done...but this form is not being accepted.

    Now can you please tell me HOW AND WHERE-THE ADDRESS to get the form on which i have to get the fingerprint.
  7. Hi,

    I heard that PCC will be issued only to "Residents" who have Resident visa. For others (who left the Country) they have to approach through the respective Embassy in their Country. Please check with Embassy before traveling to UAE.

  8. @ aybee... well if you had sharjah visa then ask some of your friend to visit the CID office at bank street(sharjah), its near rolla... the finger print paper needs to be submitted along with the new form.. it needs tobe typed and not handwritten.. there are typists right opposiet to CID office where you can get this thing done

    @ satish.. the UAE embassies in other countires do not issue PCC.. im 100% sure about that.. they ask us to get it done ourselves.. i had tried a lot to get it done in india itself, but couldnt manage.

    aybee i would recommend that do not give this important and urgent work to an agent.. give it to some friend of yours.. agents are not reliable and do not take things on urgent basis and delay the process
  9. Dear Sagar,

    I cannot go to sharjah as of now ... so what should i tell my friend...

    Can you tell me what should he say when he goes to the CID office on bank street. what all forms does he have to get from there and what has he to send to me...can you please tell me step by step and i will follow ...
  10. step 1- when you enter the CID office.. just say "Canada" and they understand what you are there for lol.. you get the form from counter number 13(as far as i remember).. if required, enquire at reception "where can i get the form for police clearance for canada" and thats all.. he word "canada" shall do the magic to get the right form.. its free of charge.

    step 2- ask him to go to typist opposite the CID office on the other side of the road and english typign shall charge him about 50 dirhams.. they need to put in the details such as designation on visa, company name, passport# etc. so you need to provide a copy of your visa and passport to your friend so that he can get all details typed in the form.

    step 3- ask your friend to courier you that form (because you need to sign it).

    step 4- you sign that form, attach the finger prints document that you have, passport first page & last page, visa page showing "cancelled stamp" .. so these 4 documents courier it back to your firend. send him some money as well.. PCC is 100 dirhams+ typing 50 dirhams+ 50 dirhams for courier lol

    step 5- your friend shall submit these documents to CID office. the CID guys would check whether documents are complete.. if complete they will write some code on the top of the form and return it back.. saying that get it acknowledged from immigration section.

    step 6- your friend needs to then goto immigration ministry which is right opposite to sharjah mega mall.. near the abu shagara signal.

    step 7-tthe immigration dept woudl check the code on the top of the form.. enter some details in the database and return the form.

    step 8- go back to CID office and they will clearance given by immigration dept in the database and then accept the application and CID office shall issue PCC within 3-4 days.

    step 9- your friend would courier you he original PCC he gets

    if the CID guys ask your friend whyare you submitting documenst for someone else.. then your friend must tell them that you are no longer in UAE and the cancelled stamp on visa proves it.

    it is a very very hectic process to get PCC from sharjah.. the most difficult in the world i would say.. but where there is a will, there is a way.. i would advise you to personally go there and get it done.. because the immigration dept checked my original passport while giving me clearance i remember.. so im not sure whether your work would be stuck there
  11. Dear Sagar,

    One more thing i have to ask is that the form that you are telling me about is fine and i understand. But what about the fingerprints. Where do i have to get the fingerprint on. Will my old fingerprint paper that was given to me by my local police headquarters and attested by the uae embassy(it is already with the agent in sharjah) work or do i have to get the fingerprint on a new paper. If yes then will i get this paper from the same CID office...
  12. yes you need that finger print paper.. if you dont have it, get a new one from your local indian CID office.. and then attestation and all on it.. the finger prints from indian office are gven to applicants on a documented paper which they already have.. so dont worry about it.. jst go and tell them you need finger prints.. then the paper which you get from them, get notary, attestation on it. its now ready to be dispatched
  13. why don't i do one thing, I will get the paper on which i have already have my fingerprint already done and the attestation is already done back from the agent. I don't think i will have to get new fingerprints .....will the old one work ????

    another thing is that then agent was telling me that there is a NEW FORM on which i have to get the fingerprint done ???? is that so or the form that you are telling me about is enough and the old fingerprint paper work????
  14. yes its fine if you get the finger prints back from agent.. it should work...
    the new form is the application form and not the finger print form (explain this to your silly agent)
  15. Additional Gyaan..
    People who have quit sharjah are in a position to get a PCC. people who are still working in sharjah and do not have the "cancellation" stamp on their visa struggle to get PCC.
    for PCC you also need a NOC from your company if you are currently employed there.. NOC saying that the company has no objection in you taking a PCC.. in arabic.. signed by owner of your company.. and you know it well that no company in sharjah would do that..

    if you are no longer in sharjah.. you do not need that NOC..
    scenario is completely different in dubai.. CID office in dubai do not need this NOC

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