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Payment of OINP in Canada Bank account Debit Card

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by WED, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Is it possible to pay the OINP fees of 1500 CAD in Canadian Bank account debit card ?


    Do we need to pay only by credit card ?
  2. HI there, i am wondering if you got an answer?
  3. No. I am.not sure as how to pay. Most of the banks in Canada give credit card only to PR people. For work permit holders, they are asking to wait for 3 months. Even for PR holders, they are giving only with 1000 CAD limit. So, I am not sure as how am I going to pay ?

  5. You pay your credit card in advance in the amount you need , it will come out as an available balance. You can use it anywhere you want. That’s what I always do with a $500 credit limit only. And alao double check it with your bank for sure.
  6. I think what you meant was credit card only on secure deposit. Even if that's the case, your credit limit won't get increased. Your money will get locked as you can't use those 500 or 1000 CAD and your credit limit be based on the amount of money you initially deposit.
  8. I don’t have a secured deposit in my credit card. You are right, it won’t increase your credit limit but if you pay more for the amount you need it will be added to your available balance .

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