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Passport submission - VFS - Pakistan specific information - Post PPR

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by tuner274, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. This is to help all the clueless Pakistani applicants like me out there. Here is my experience regarding submitting passports to VFS in Pakistan. This post contains procedure, timelines, restrictions and some personal experiences (Lahore office specific).

    The submission process mentioned does not vary much from any other VFS office, so even if you are not from Pakistan, you will get an idea of what to do.

    Please note that this is after you get a "Ready for Visa" letter (either as a message in your account or as an email. Sometimes you get both. Usually the account message is from your local visa office; Islamabad for me. The email is from the Ottawa office).

    VFS Global (a third party organization) handles passport submissions in Pakistan (and in many other countries as well). In Pakistan, they operate out of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. You can submit to any of their outlets in the above mentioned cities. This is their website for Pakistan.

    Office hours are Mon-Fri 9am - 1pm for all 3 branches.

    Submission procedure
    Choose a VFS outlet from the vfs website. No appointment is required, it's a walk-in for all the offices here in Pakistan.

    Lahore specific info: The office is located opposite Ganga Ram Hospital. I suggest you park across the road inside the hospital paid parking, otherwise the traffic police have a lifter waiting to penalize any parking around the VFS office. The parking is congested but is right across from the office.

    You need to take the following along with you:
    1. PPR email print out (with details filled in the given table regarding primary applicant, spouse and dependents; also be sure to print the full email. If you have more dependents in your application than the space given in the table, print the page with the table as many times you need and fill that in).
    2. Photographs according to the specifications mentioned in the PPR letter.
    3. Passports of everyone mentioned in the application. Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank pages. (Passports have to be ordinary ones, the visa cannot be placed in Diplomatic, Official or Military passports)
    4. PKR 1,332/- per passport (submission and transmission fee) + PKR 160 SMS tracking fee e.g. for 3 applicants this becomes (1332*3 + 160) = PKR 4156. Payment is in cash on the spot and take the collection receipt. (Disclaimer: These rates are applicable for the day I submitted my passports, check here for the latest rates). Any additional services (such as help filling in an application form, photocopies etc.) will be charged separately.
    5. Original CNIC of the one submitting the passports.

    Mobile phones, laptops, USBs and any other electronic, media or storage devices will need to be checked in at the entrance. Bags (without the aforementioned items) are allowed.

    At the office
    Once you enter the hall that deals with Canadian applications, an officer will vet your documents to ensure that you all the required documents for submission (this is to save you the queue waiting time only to find out that you missed something). You will be assigned a queue number after the vetting process. Queue wait times vary, but the whole process took about 2 hours for me (check-in to check-out). Keep the token with you till the time you check-out from the office.

    At the time this post is being written, they take approx. 2 weeks from the submission date. You can track your passports from their tracking portal by providing the tracking ID of each submitted passport mentioned in the collection receipt. Passport collection is from the same outlet as the one they were submitted to. Passports will only be handed over upon presenting the collection receipt.

    The process is pretty straightforward, but please let me know if there are any questions.
  2. all applicants have to go , or any one can go for passport submission at vfs, mean primary or spouse
  3. Any one of the applicants can go (not minors).

  4. Hi,
    I went to the VFS office in Lahore on 16th June 2017 around 11:30 AM and since this was a Friday during a Ramazan, the counter was to close at 1 pm. For the first half an hour, no one bothered to tell me what or where I need to go if I only just have to 'transmit a passport'. When I started to lose it a little with the reception staff, they asked what I was there for. As soon as I told them what I had told them 30 minutes earlier, the person said 'why did you not say so?'... I had to shrug it off given it being Ramazan.

    I then got a token and my turn came at 1:30 PM (thankfully those that had been issued token prior to 1 pm where sat there for waiting) and others were told to check in next day. At my turn, the person literally took 1 minute and asked me to head to payment counter which took another 30 seconds and off I went.

    Overall, the procedure itself for passport transmission is simple because of the no frill document submission. However, the fact that VFS does not have a categorised counters, it took the same time for me as someone who was there to submit a study visa application or a visitor visa or anyone afresh to the application process.

    It has been a week now and I await the notification with respect to stamping of the passport and changes on the myCIC profile.

    Can anyone tell if we get an email notification when application gets approved past visa stamping/COPR issuance?
  5. Can someone (with Pakistani passport) submit passport for visa stamping in some other country like China? What will be the procedure?

  6. Yes. The 'ready for visa' email/PPR request will specify where you should send your passport. You can email the sender and/or raise a web form (CSE) to request a change of VO for transmission of passport.

    IRCC usually asks you to submit the passport based on present residence and not the nationality of the passport holder. So, if you had applied with China as your residence country; they should have asked you to submit the same at their VO in China or a VO that deals with applicants based in China.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for the response. Actually currently i am not residing in China and my current residence is in Pakistan. I will be travelling to China for few months for work. So should I inform them about my travel in advance by raising CSE before my travel? and request for visa stamping in China later if i am there while the PPR email triggers?
    One more thing that I am the secondary applicant. can my wife as a primary applicant along with my child submit passport in Pakistan and i submit passport in China?

    Thanks again in advance.
  8. Hey,do you get your passport back,how many days of your passport processing?
  9. I have not yet gotten my passport back having sent it on 16th June. This is mainly due to Eid Holidays/Canada Day and i am hopeful of good news next week. I'd say from the time you send in your passport, expect anywhere between 2-4 weeks for its return.
  10. Yes. You should be able to do it however you need to explain this situation to IRCC office and let them get back to you accordingly.
  11. Yeah hope so
  12. Yeah hope so
  13. Whenever you get passport,update situation... thanks
  14. I also submitted on June 16, 2017 in Islamabad and still no update either on CIC or VFS. Is such a long wait after passport submission normal?
  15. anyone has idea about the submission of Birth Certificate ? mine will be made available at least after a month so instead, can i upload supporting documents like school certificate/matric-inter certificate etc
    i got my OINP on 29th June and i am concerned if they would let people register for OINP again once Ontario's quota is filled

    prompt response will highly be appreciated.

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