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Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smansuri97, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Hey guys! What's the usual trend with receiving passports? How soon does the tracker get activated?
  2. looks like 2-3 weeks is a trend now ... Min 2 weeks from the day they received.
  3. Thanks. My application status changed to 'Approved' on Tuesday. Approximately how many days would it take for the return tracker to get activated, in your opinion?
  4. ur is approved... in that case based on the input here i can see tracker is getting activated in 3-4 days ... but not sure
  5. Ah thank you. That's helpful.
  6. PPR: Oct 21
    Passport sent: Oct 30
    Passport Delivered: Oct 31
    Passport sent to: CPC- Ottawa
    Passport Sent from: USA
    Tracker activated: Nov 20
    Passport and COPR received: Nov 21
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  7. Hello everyone!

    One visa question to my daughter's visa:

    1. My daughter was born in China on April,10, 2019 and came Canada with my wife on June 4 with Travel Visa ( to see the family type). And in the Customs in airport, I applied 6 months stay (from June 4 to Dec.4).

    2. My daughter's PR application (parents sponsor type) is approved (PPR on Nov. 18), and now we are waiting for the return of passport. and it's expected to get on Dec. 6~7.

    3. So my question is: Is it necessary for my daughter to apply for the extension of her travel visa?
    PS: Dead line for stay in Canada is Dec. 4th and we will land with PR on Dec. 7, total 3 days delay.

    Thank you very much!!

    Below is my timeline::
    PPR: Nov 19
    Passport sent: Nov 20
    Passport Delivered: Nov 21
    Passport sent to: CPC- Ottawa
    Passport Sent from: Toronto
    Tracker activated: ??
    Passport and COPR received: ??
  8. Hello All

    Below is my timeline::
    PPR: Nov 8
    Passport sent: Nov 8
    Passport Delivered: Nov 12
    Approval: ?
    Tracker activated: ??
    When can i expect my passport?
  9. Anyone got approved today...
  10. should i call them about my application
  11. Whose return mail is actived? Mine approve Nov 19, but no message since then.
  12. mine was delivered on 6 nov but not approved yet...
  13. I just called they said its already printed yesterday and we will sent you back soon
  14. what does printed means any idea...
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    Printed means after approval of application they send for printing if the VISA and COPR... From there it goes to mailing department then sent out... Takes 6-7 days

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