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Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smansuri97, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Are you inland or outland applicant?
    Why your lawyer did not update IRCC immediately?

    We got our PPR last month but they did not update my husband’s address on file even though our lawyer has sent a webform to IRCC. Our lawyer then emailed them and they responded back with new instructions to submit passport at another visa office.

    Also, we were married when my husband’s file was already in progress and we updated IRCC. I was then added to the application. Our lawyer sent them a webform along with the documentation proof of our marriage. I was then asked to do medical and our processing took a few more months than expected(because I was added in between). We are both residing outside of canada.

    IRCC wants us to update them with changes ASAP or else they consider it as hiding the information. Maybe you need to check with you lawyer or someone who can advise. Even if you submit your passport, you might be asked the same question about changes during landing procedure and then they might ask you why you did not inform IRCC before hand.
  2. PPR: Oct 21
    Passport sent: Oct 30
    Passport Delivered: Oct 31
    Passport sent to: CPC- Ottawa
    Passport Sent from: USA

    no further updates after that.Tried to call agent but I was told that my initial file was processed outside canada and hence they cannot give out any information.
  3. I would just hang tight. My PPR was sent on Oct 1st and documents received on Oct 11th and we only just got approved yesterday.
  4. Thank you that helps. . looks like it is taking atleast 4 weeks for passports to return from Ottawa.. I have travel planned for end of November but now I have to reschedule! I might not be able to get passport back By then as per current timelines.
  5. Can you guys track CoPR from Ottawa now?
  6. Passport delivered on oct 15,
    Approved on nov 05
    Tracker activated nov 8
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  7. How do we do that?
  8. Enter your return track number in Canada Post website.
  9. yes tried tracking through fedex since I used fedex for courier. It is not yet activated.
  10. PPR: Oct 1
    Pp sent: Oct 4th
    Pp delivered and received CPC-O: Oct. 7th
    Approved: Nov. 5th
    Copr received: Nov. 8th
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  11. Did you have a TRV in your passport? If yes, have they canceled it after sending you CoPR?
  12. Hey guys! My passport is expected to return sometime this month from Ottawa. I have a trip scheduled for Christmas & NYE. I also have a TRV in my passport. What's the best thing for me to do in order to travel & land successfully because PR cards take a month or so.
  13. No trv, PA is from visa exempt country.
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  14. PPR Oct 3
    PPR Sent 6
    PPR Received Oct 8
    Approved Nov 5
    Tracker Activated Nov 9
    Copr and Passport Received today Nov 10

    I wish goodluck to everyone :)
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  15. Is that in canada ?

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