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Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smansuri97, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. How can we check? don’t know buddy
    Yours approved?
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  2. You can check it in your GC key account. It will show your visa counterfoil details there
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    Passport Copy delivered on June 27th and Application approved on 11th July. Return tracker not activated yet.

    Edit: 2 hrs later I received an email that application has been updated.
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  4. Is it true the timeline from PPR to CopR has increased in the month of June ..i.e upto 4 weeks. I know my friends got their passports delivered back in 14 days..
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  5. C
    Could be so!! When i spoke to a CIC agent yesterday, he told me that the processing time is 14 days. But that 14 days will be over next wednesday. Not sure whats happening!! I know some people said here that CIC told them its 4 weeks for this process. Different answers and its contradictory
  6. Did you call them today and check for passport received update on your file? Its been 15 days for you already
  7. What number to call them from, from the USA?
  8. Holidays and Long Weekends do impact processing timelines.
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  9. My tracking number was activated last night!! So excited!!
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  10. Congrats! Mine was delivered on 27 as well. But no updates..
  11. I'm sure you'll hear something soon :) I am from a visa exempt country (I didn't need to send my passport), so maybe that made my processing go a bit faster
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  12. I see! I believe you are correct. Thanks much!
  13. I didn't call them, simply wait and keep checking your status. It takes times but max it takes around 30 days, my friend got in 25 days.
  14. Oh... I am at day 17. Lets see how many more days it takes for the system to show approved...
    Return tracking comes later.
  15. Return tracker activated at 5:58 PM on 12th July.

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