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Passport request question


Mar 22, 2019
hi there!

Question about passport requests: when applying Outland from a non visa exempt country, do all passports have to be sent to Ottawa? Or are the sometimes sent to a Canadian embassy in the applicants country?

Going to visit my husband this weekend and I’m wondering if I should bring his passport back with me for an easier mailing experience.

Any insight would be much appreciated!!

Application received March 22nd


Hero Member
Jan 8, 2018
Follow the instruction on the ppr letter. In case of an outland app, he will need to send it to the VAC. My experience was good, we got the passport back in about two weeks (VAC Bangkok, sent to Singapore) But I heard it can take 4-6 weeks. If he is outside Canada not sure you can send it to Ottawa. Probably best to do it through the VAC